33 Soap and Glory Gift Set Ideas

Updated on September 13th, 2021
By Eve
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Whether it is a gift for Christmas, a birthday or for any other occasion such as letting a friend know what a good friend they are or congratulating your sister on passing her exams, Soap and Glory gift sets should be your go-to. Whether your loved one already loves Soap and Glory products, or they have not had the experience yet but will be fast become a fan, we have the gift set for you. When searching for a gift for your female friend, daughter, mum, grandmother, sister, aunt, godmother or whomever that important lady is in your life, we are sure that you will find the perfect gift set here.

33 Gift Ideas for Soap & Glory Fans

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A gift set packed full of goodies with a floral scent. Included in this gift set are a smaller sized shower gel, body butter, body scrub, hand cream and a face mask. Everything your loved one will need for the home spa session. These gorgeous items are all packed into a lovely tin with a silver top and the trademark Soap and Glory design. This gift set comes with the very cool name, ‘The original Pink Collec-Tin!’

This amazing Soap and Glory gift set includes favourite products to keep their skin soft, face brightened and hair clean. Weighing a whopping two kilograms, this gift set measures twenty two centimetres length by width and has a depth of fourteen centimetres. The products are wrapped in tissue paper and packed in a gorgeous tin container with silver stars and circles on a pink background and an illustration of all the contents.

The perfect gift set to present your friend on a Friday, this gift set comprises of smaller sized items including ones to keep hands and the body soft, a pack to waken up the face and to make the eyes sparkle and that ultimate item, the bath bomb to give some Friday night luxury. These lovely products come in a container with a cute design of green and red melon slices with a pink lid.

A little beauty wash bag gift set that is not so little with full sized products included! Within this Soap and Glory gift set you will find cleaning, buffing, softening and radiating beauty products for the body and face. This lovely not so little set comes in a wash bag made from water resistant material. The wash bag is mainly transparent but also has a pink and white swirly design.

A huge Soap and Glory gift set that will make the most amazing present for your loved one. The gift set has everything including body lotion, shower gel, body wash, body scrub, body moisturiser, hand cream, a body scrub, facial wash, a couple of facial masks, a dry shampoo and mascara! This gift set comes delivered in a beautifully designed tin with a design of alternate white and pink squiggly lines.

A stylish Soap and Glory Birthday box set. This shower based beauty set comprises of a wash for that morning or even evening shower and a deep body moisturiser with a luxurious feel. Both products smell divine and come delivered in a cute paper based container with the words ‘Birthday Box,’ on the front and an illustration of a birthday cake, with the standard pink, black and white writing.

This Soap and Glory pamper gift set consists of a gorgeous creamy shower gel called, ‘Clean on me,’ and the renowned body butter named, ‘The Righteous butter!’ Both products are packaged together in a cardboard box with a vintage type photo of a lady in the bath and the text, ‘Happy Pamper,’ alongside the brand name. The container measures approximately fourteen centimetres width by length with a depth of five centimetres.

A fabulous gift for the lady who loves masks! This Soap and Glory gift set consists of a humongous five face masks for all types of beauty reasons whether to unclog, or to work with eyes, this set has it covered. This set of facial masks, called the ‘mask force,’ comes in a cardboard box with a see through section so that the person that the gift is for will see all the contents, and is surrounded by a green blue, pink and white background.

A Soap and Glory gift featuring some of this brand’s most well known beauty products. This gorgeous little set includes their signatory ‘The Righteous Butter’ body butter, ‘Glad hair day’ shampoo, ‘Clean on me’ shower gel and ‘Hand food’ hand cream. Each item is under one hundred millilitres so a perfect gift set for your friend or family member who are going on their international travels by plane.

A lovely gift set containing miniatures of a certain type of Soap and Glory products! This set comes delivered in a cardboard box with a gold outer edge with a woman in the centre stood inside a large red and white coloured heart against and pink background. The product name and brand name are also depicted. For context, the box measures around fourteen centimetres width by length with a depth of five centimetres.

A fabulous and sparkly Soap and Glory gift set. This gorgeous gift set includes standard sized beauty products for the face, make up and an item to give the face a lavish work out. All these items come in a gorgeous pink sparkly clutch bag with a cardboard label that can be removed but shows the items included in the gift set. This really is the ultimate good night out pamper gift.

One for the lady who loves to give their hair a pamper session, this Soap and Glory gift set has a gorgeous and lavish thick conditioner for hair and a product for wrapping hair up after washing hair. The hair wrap is a mix of pink and white colours and made from a soft fabric material. This gift set is in a paper based product container that is tall and in the shape of a hexagon.

The ultimate make up gift set to get glammed up for a night out. A quality and cool set with full sized make up for the lips and eyes! The lip colour is pink and eye make up black. This gift set is packaged in a box with a picture of the items included within this gift set, along with the name of the gift set, ‘All eyes on you.’ An interesting array of gold circles against a pink background feature on the front of the box.

A lovely travel bag gift set perfect for those weekends away or longer trips. The name of this gift set is ‘Pack up your bubbles,’ and contains an incredible shower gel, a face wash, dry shampoo, a body scrub and body butter and eye mask. Each item is sized for compact travel and in line with travel restrictions in relation to sizing. The wash bag is transparent with a pink outer edge and the name of the gift set on the front.

A cute gift set containing a selection of beauty products from the Soap and Glory ‘Sugar Crush,’ line. Products for the hands, the body and face can be found in this gift set with five products included. The gift set is packaged in a unusually shaped tin which has a design of a mix of green and pink melon slices all over the tin, and a pink lid. This gift set will be sure to make the person you gift it to, extremely happy.

A bumper gift set for a Christmas or Birthday gift! This Soap and Glory gift set includes standard sized beauty products in a gorgeous pink soft bag with a handle. You will find body wash, body scrub, body lotion, body moisturiser, face wash, a few face masks to choose from and even dry shampoo and black mascara. This lives up to its name as a ‘Hamper!’

A fabulous gift for anyone who wants to reduce facial shine, and is in fact this gift set is names the ‘Fab Pore collection!’ Contained in this set are beauty products to reduce oily skin such as a cleanser, facial mask, moisturiser and a hair band to keep those pesky hairs away from the face. This gift set measure just over half a kilogram and comes in a container with a blue green background and silver circles.

An exquisite gift set from Soap and Glory, this gift set will make the ideal gift to the female in your life. This gift set has been placed in a gorgeous soft material dark pink bag featured some silver stars, and with a handle and zipped opening at the top of the bag. The contents of this bag are all full sized Soap and Glory products to treat the body and hand to a luxurious work over.

One for the loved one who wants to get Summer ready. This lovely gift set from Soap and Glory consists of a bottle of a cream that will make the skin glow and a tool to aid the application. With a lovely scent this ‘Let it Shimmer,’ gift set is within a box and measures eighteen centimetres length by just over fourteen and a half centimetres width with a depth of five centimetres. It weighs just under four hundred grams.

A lovely brush set, maybe as a stocking filler or birthday gift for your friend. This Soap and Glory brush set consists of four make up brushes and a very sparkly metallic designed make up brush case with pinks and yellows. The part of the brush that is used to hold on to, are all pink with black spots on a metallic background. The name of this gift set is called, ‘Brush up your act!’

This Soap and Glory, ‘Roller back the clock,’ gift set will help your loved one hit that reset button, perhaps following a stressful or tiring period. The gift set includes a 4 in 1 deep cleansing milk, a radiance boosting concoction, a face roller and a eye brightening treatment. All products are standard sized. The packaging consists of a box with an illustration of all the items contained in this gift set.

A super cute gift set from Soap and Glory for a Christmas gift, that is called, ‘Christmas Quackers!’ This gift set consists of the largest bath bomb which will make bath time a decadent experience! As the bath bomb starts to dissolve the recipient will find a pink soap in the shape of a duck! The bath bomb is white with a pink glittery top. This bath bomb smells absolutely divine and festive.

This aptly named, ‘Bag a little Beauty,’ Soap and Glory gift set consists of some of the favourites – facial wipes, a shower gel, a face mask, body scrub and body butter. A toiletry bag completes this set, that is see through with a pink outer and the name of the gift set on the front on a lighter pink background. This gift set weighs just over one kilogram and measure twenty five centimetres length by twenty one centimetres width and eleven centimetres depth.

A Soap and Glory gift set that is part of the Wonder Woman product line. This set contains make up products and includes a mascara, lip colour, eye liner and blusher. This gift comes in a box that is pink with a range of different sized and coloured stars, pink and gold, along with the Wonder Woman logo in gold in the centre. The package measures eighteen centimetres length by sixteen and a half centimetres width with a depth of three and a half centimetres.

The ‘Soaper Heroes’ Soap and Glory gift set includes some of their biggest named products. You will find in this gift set a gorgeous fragranced body spray, their trademark body butter, a body scrub, shower gel and hand cream. The gift set is packaged in a cardboard box with transparent front to view the items in the pack with pink surround and a gold intricate des

An uber cool make up gift set from Soap and Glory that goes by the name of ‘Glitz the Girl.’ Included in this gift set is a lip cream in a pink colour and with a matte effect, along with an eyeliner in black and a face glitter in a golden colour. This gift set comes in a purple coloured box with the names of the brand and product with a photo of a lady. A wonderful stocking filler or gift for a birthday.

This gorgeous Soap and Glory body butter comes in a beautifully designed tin. This unique issue is Rose scented and the tin that it comes in features a pink rose on the top of the lid with a darker pink rim and silver circles. The rest of the tin depicts lots of stripes, black and white and pink and white with a photo of a dancer surrounded by pink roses. The size of this body butter is three hundred millilitres.

A lovely Christmas gift with the traditional ‘Righteous (Body) Butter,’ with a twist. This two hundred millilitre body butter, perfect for moisturising comes packaged in a tin shaped as a drum. On the outer edge are a mixture of white and pink stars against a red base. In the centre you can see through to the body butter. A red tag enables easier opening of the outer packaging. Perfect for Christmas with the drum theme.

Another one from the Wonder Woman product line, by Soap and Glory, this gift set features a dry oil body shimmer, measuring one hundred millilitres. It comes in a pink box whilst the product is in a brown container with an illustration of Wonder Woman and the product name, ‘Glow Forth!’ The package measurements are sixteen centimetres tall with a diameter of six centimetres.

For the one you love, this Soap and Glory themed advent calendar will make them feel really happy and loved! Contained in this advent calendar are shower gels, face masks, eye masks, lip masks, hand cream, foot cream, body butter, dry shampoo, body scrub, lip make up, a face buffer, a nail file plus many more items. These items come in a box with an illustration of balloons with the name of the product, ‘Roam the Foam.’

This gorgeous make up gift set from Soap and Glory is appropriately named, ‘Extrava-Glamza!’ Included in this gift set is a mascara, liquid eyeliner, two lip gloss’, face powder, eye shadows and two make up brushes. The container that holds all these items features an illustration of a traditional house on the front, with a photo of a lady in one of the windows, and that opens up to provide trays to access the make up easily.

A cute Birthday gift for a friend this gift set comprises of a smaller sized body butter and shower gel. This gift set comes packaged in a box with the product line name, ‘Birthday washes’ and a photo of a woman with her hand held up. This item measures fourteen and a half centimetres length by fourteen centimetres width with a depth of five centimetres.

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