26 Presents for Star Trek Fans of All Ages

By Lewis
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There are lots of people that are Star Trek fans and you might know some and want to buy them gifts that are related to this. However, it is not always that easy knowing what sorts of thing you should be buying for them. There are lots to choose from but that means that you have to think about what might be the most suitable and where to buy it from. We have made the job really easy for you. We have compiled a short list of items. The things are varied so you will be able to find something for the person that you have in mind and we have also picked things at different prices so that they will be bound to be items in your budget.

26 Gift Ideas for Star Trek Fans

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Fans of the original Star Trek series will like the concept of this scarf. It has a striped pattern with snow and winter trees but near the bottom says ‘To boldly go’ It also has star trek badge shaped icons by the Christmas trees. It is 30 x 190cm in size and is made of acrylic. It will be warm and comfortable to wear and keep the neck and chest warm in cold weather.

Male Star Trek fans will enjoy this short-sleeved t-shirt. It is black in colour and has a white design which shows lots of ships, including the USS Enterprise in the shape of the Star Fleet Insignia. It is a fun design and the white print makes it really stand out. It comes in sizes small – XXL and it is made of 100% cotton which means that it will be comfortable to wear.

William Shatner fans might enjoy receiving this photo and signature print. The photo shows the actor in his role as James T Kirk dressed in his Star Trek uniform in the captain’s chair on the Enterprise. The photo is on a black background and beside it is his name and a signed plate. It is A4 sizes and although it comes unframed it will be easy to buy a frame to fit.

Mugs make very handy gifts and this one has a picture on it that features characters from the original Star Trek series such as Kirk, Spock, Bones and Zulu. The mug is made of white porcelain and it holds 315ml. It will make a useful gift although a fan and collector may prefer to display it as a keepsake, rather than use it for drinking out of. It is dishwasher safe.

Pictures can make great collectable gifts as they can be displayed and enjoyed a lot of the time. This is a set of brightly coloured Star Trek stamps all in a mount and framed in a black ash effect frame. They are all first-class stamps and there are 12 of them with iconic characters across all series over more than 50 years. Features characters such as Kirk, Spock, Pickard, Troy and Janeway.

Chopping boards can be really useful things to give as gifts and this one would be really appreciated by a Star Trek fan. It sats on it ‘Cooking, the Final Frontier To boldly cook what no one has cooked before’ and also features a picture of the enterprise and the star trek badge. It is 24 x 14cm in size and is made of wood. Could also be used as a cheeseboard.

Rubber ducks are fun items for keeping in the bathroom and this one is a Star Trek themed duck which is styled to look like James T Kirk with a yellow Star Trek uniform, top and a weapon too. It is 9cm tall and will look fun in any bathroom. It comes in a box which is great fun as it looks like a bath at the bottom. There are other themed ducks in the Star Trek series.

This print is a copy of the movie poster advert for ‘Star Trek The Motion Picture’ which is black with rainbow colours in the middle and pictures of some of the cast. It has autographs of the cast on it as well. The print is A3 size and it has a black mount and a black frame. It is lightweight and made from polycarbonate. It is on an acid-free display board.

Stamp and Star Wars collectors will both like this Royal Mail issued stamp book. It is a 24-page booklet which is in full colour. It has stamps in it as well as stories and illustrations all celebrating over half a century of iconic characters and epic adventures with an overview of each series and the movies. It features twelve special stamps and a movie miniatures sheet featuring the contribution of British acting talent to the films.

License plates can make fun and decorative items. This one is the grey colour of the USS Enterprise and it says the name of the ship on it and underneath in larger writing NCC – 1701. It is 12 x 6 inches which is the standard size for US licence plates. It is made from aluminium which has been embossed and then printed on in black. It has 4 holes drilled in it so that it can be hung up.

Top Trumps is a fun game and this one has a Star Trek theme so you can find out who is the boldest. It has loads of fun trivia and you can find out information about the main characters from the series. Each card has a picture of the person with their species, year of birth, threat to the universe, Starfleet authority, to boldly go and cunning rating. They come in a plastic carry case.

Wallets are useful items to give as gifts and this one is great for Star Trek fans as it is yellow and black with a Star Trek logo on it in a command shirt design. It is a bifold wallet with five card slots, slip pockets and a coin section as well as room for notes. It is black inside with yellow stitching and lining. It is made from faux leather and is 110 x 85 x 20mm.

Star Trek fans will like this short-sleeved t-shirt which says on it ‘Starfleet Academy est 2161’ on it. It is available in sizes for children as well as adults and there are several colour options as well. It is an officially licensed t-shirt and is made from cotton and polyester so is comfortable to wear but will not stretch out of shape. It can go in the washing machine and tumble drier.

Most people use bottle openers and Star Trek fans will like this one because it is in the shape of the USS Enterprise and even has NCC-1701 on it. It has a silvery metal look to it and is durable and will last a long time so is up to the job of opening lots of bottles. It is 5 inches long. It is an officially licensed product and comes on a cardboard sleeve.

Many people enjoy wearing beanie hats and Star Trek fans will especially enjoy this one. It has a ship design on it in yellow and blue and is made from premium quality acrylic. It is one size and stretchy so should fit most heads. It is warm and comfortable and will be cosy to wear on cold days but also fun with its Star Trek theme. It is official Star Trek Discovery merchandise.

Hoodies are comfortable to wear and so most people like them. This one is fun because it has a design showing a handprint doing the Vulcan salute. The top comes in a big selection of colours and all have hoods with a large kangaroo pouch pocket on the front. They come in sizes small – 5XL and are made from a cotton and polyester mix fabric. They are heavyweight so warm and machine washable.

Notepads are useful gifts to give. This one is fun because on the front of it is printed ‘Captains Log’ at the top with ‘United Federation of Planets’ with a logo in the middle. It is blue with foiled printing on it. It is fun inside as well because it has a space to write the stardate as well as location. It can therefore be used as a diary or journal but also for general notes too.

Calendars can be useful but also lots of fun. This Star Trek calendar features pictures of the cast from the original series, so any fans of Captain Kirk, Spock, Scotty etc will really enjoy it. It is square and opens up with a picture on the top page and a calendar page underneath so the pictures could be cut out and framed. Comes with organisational stickers to use on it.

Evolution prints can be funny and this one shows an ape evolving into the Starship Enterprise and is printed on a t-shirt. The t-shirt has short sleeves and is available in a navy colour and in sizes small – XXL in a regular fit. It is made from cotton which means that it is soft and comfortable to wear. It is suitable for machine washing so is easy to keep clean.

Star Trek fans will like this watch which has the Star Trek badge logo on its face. It is an analogue watch with clear numbers on the display which are black with a white outline on a blue face. It has a quartz movement which is reliable and a leather strap with a buckle so it can be altered in size. It comes with a free gift bag so is all ready to give as a gift.

A metal Star Trek logo pin could be something that all fans of the show will enjoy. It is made from gold metal which will not tarnish and is durable. It is 25mm in size and will look good on a hat, scarf, lapel or bag. It is handcrafted fired enamel on the surface so that it is hard-wearing and long-lasting. On the back is a post with a butterfly style back.

Beer drinking Star Trek fans will enjoy using this glass. It has a quote from Kirk on it ‘The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few…or the one’ and has a logo underneath. It is laser engraved and therefore will not fade when the glass is washed. It is a solid glass with a sturdy base. It is a pint glass which can be used for many types of drink.

Fans of the original Star Trek series will particularly like this keyring which shows the Vulcan salute as performed by Spock. It is 45mm in size and it is white with a black hand design on it. It is plastic covered on the front which will protect the picture. It is printed with high definition printing so it is clear. It will make a fun keychain but could also be used as a bag charm.

Star Trek enthusiasts could be really impressed with this large style print of the USS Enterprise flying above a planet with a galaxy sky behind it. It is 30 x 20 inches in size so A1 and therefore will make for an impressive display. It is a premium canvas print and is printed with UV resistant ink that will therefore not fade. The frames are kiln-dried and hand made.

Lamps can make handy gifts and this one produces a 3D image of the Enterprise when it is switched on. It is battery powered with energy-saving LED bulbs and comes with a remote control so that you can change the colour of the light as well as the light mode such as flashing or still. It is a fun novelty item and will be great in a kids bedroom or on a desk.

T-shirts are really handy gifts to have and Star Trek fans will enjoy this one. It says ‘Live Long & Prosper’ and has a picture of Spock on it. It is short-sleeved and comes in a selection of colours. It comes in sizes suitable for children aged 2-12 years of age as well as men and women in sizes small – 3XL. It has a classic fit and is lightweight. It is made of a cotton and polyester blend fabric.

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