30 Presents for Steampunk Fans

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Steampunk is a growing trend and there are many people that are really big fans. There are quite a few items on the market now which are available to buy. However, you might be looking for something a bit different or perhaps not really know where to get things or what sorts of things to get. We have therefore put a list together of steampunk themed items which we hope will help you. We have gathered quite a range of things but they are quite different to each other so hopefully there will be something that you feel that you will like to give someone as a gift.

30 Gift Ideas for Steampunk Lovers

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This is a Steampunk style jacket. It has a military style. It is black and has white coloured edging to it and a button fastening and buttons on the front as part of the design too. It has long sleeves and a high collar. It is size XL and would be suitable for general wear or for fancy dress. Would look good to complete an outfit that has a steampunk style.

This is a very cool pair of sunglasses which have a steampunk style. They have round lenses which are inside metal frames with a goggle style to them. They are UV400 so protect the eyes. The lenses have a choice of colours in gun grey, brown, blue, red and black. The frames vary in colour a bit as well to match in with the lenses. They have a flex fit which means that they are comfortable to wear and breathable too.

This is a mens shirt which has a steampunk vibe to it. It has a gothic look to it with a paisley design on it. It has a grandad collar and comes in a selection of colours – black, champagne, white and red. It has an interesting cut with the buttons curving to one side and a pointed front to it. It comes in sizes small, medium, large and extra large. It is made from cotton and polyester.

This is a really cool steampunk style felt hat. It is black in colour and has a pair of goggles on the brim. It also has some gold coloured cogs and a pink feather stuck on the side and a ribbon hanging down the back. It is one size which should fit most adult heads. Is perfect for a steampunk dressing up costume or a decorative piece for the home. Plenty of room to add extra accessories of your choice too.

This is a book called ‘The Steampunk Bible: An Illustrated Guide to the World of Imaginary Airships, Corsets and Goggles, Mad Scientists and Strange Literature’ by Jeff Vandermeer. It is a book which traces the roots of Steampunk, from Jules Verne and HG Wells to the craftsmen and artists that put together clothing and accessories as well the attitudes that go with them. It has illustrations and photographs with information for aficionados and novices.

This is ‘The Steampunk User’s Manual: An Illustrated Practical and Whimsical Guide to Creating Retro-futuristic Dreams’ which is written by Jeff Vandermeer. It has images and text about the steampunk subgenre to science fiction and all sorts of information with it. It has jewellery projects, art installations, fashion, music, fiction and even information on film making. An entertaining and inspiring read which will be of interest to any steampunk fan.

This is a boned corset in a steampunk style. It is blue with black lace details and the shiny fabric has a dragon print to it. The style looks vintage with a gothic or steampunk twist. There are other colours and styles available though as well. It comes in sizes small, medium, large, XL and XXL. It is made from 90% polyester, 5% cotton and 5% elastane so it is comfortable with some stretch.

This is a vintage style steampunk brooch. It has a design of cogs and feathers and is gold and silver in colour. It looks like it is made from brass which gives a real Victorian look to it. It has a safety pin fitting on the back so could be pinned to a lapel, bag or hat to add a steampunk look to the outfit. There are also other designs available, some of which are hair pins and brooches.

This is ‘Wolves and Daggers’ by Melanie Karsak which is a Steampunk Red Riding Hood book. It is a fictional tale set in Victorian times in a steampunk universe. Agent Clemeny Louvel has been assigned to look into the case of the missing tinkers and alchemists together with a werewolf partner who she is not even sure she can trust. Will they be able to chase down the monsters in time?

This is a novelty bow tie with steampunk accessories on it. It has cogs and sequins in metallic colours and the bow tie is made from brown material so it looks really authentic. It is made from polyester with plastic beads and accessories and will top off any steampunk costume. Fun for fancy dress or just for finishing quirky outfits and even comes with free delivery so is great value for money.

This is a half hunter pocket watch in a steampunk style. There is a choice of brown, black or silver and the watch has a roman/Arabic number display which is revealed when you open the front which has a cog design. It has a mechanical winding movement so no batteries to buy. It comes with a 14 inch chain and would finish off any steampunk costume or just make a lovely accessory.

This is a steampunk style t-shirt. It is short-sleeved and mainly black and has a picture on the front which looks like the t-shirt has been ripped apart to show a galvanised heart inside which has steam to drive it. It is a really unique design and would certainly be a talking point when worn. It is made from 100% cotton with skin friendly dyes and comes in a medium size.

This is a steampunk accessory. It is shoulder armour which has a leather look to it with studs, buckles and straps which reaches right down one arm with a strap across the chest. It is adjustable to fit different sizes by altering the buckles and comes in brown, black or dark coffee and the size is 36 x 29cm approximately with a length of 46cm. It can really add an authentic look to any steampunk or gothic outfit.

This is a steampunk style Mermaid skirt. It has a string fastening down the side which flares into ruffles at the bottom. It is available in a selection of colours such as black, navy, dark green, red, purple and grey. It is available in sizes S – XXL and has a side zipper to fasten it easily. The material is 50% rayon 44% nylon and 6% spandex so it has some stretch and a shiny look to it.

This is a steampunk waistcoat which is double breasted with gold coloured buttons. It has a Jacquard style fabric which has a shine to it. The waistcoat is sleeveless and has a long tail at the back but is hip height at the front. It comes in a selection of colours such as black, blue, green, grey, white, red, navy and wine. It has a polyester lining and a wide lapel.

This is a very fancy wrist cuff which is made from black lace with gold gears and cogs and chains on it. It has a Victorian steampunk design and is about 18cm with a 7cm chain on it which has beads and a cog hanging from it. It will add an elegant but gothic and Sci-fi look to any outfit. There are other designs available as well, if you wish to choose them.

This is a fun rug with a steampunk feel. The design shows a selection of cogs and clocks which would work in any steampunk themed room or to be a statement piece in a more conservatively decorated room. It is made from soft sponge and elastic cotton with a non-slip base so that it is soft and durable and is 160cm x 122cm but there is a larger size available if required.

This is a necklace which has a fun steampunk cat pendant on it. It has a 25mm bronze setting and inside is a picture of a car wearing a top hat with goggles on it which is covered with domed glass. The back is flat so it sits nicely when being worn. It comes with a 61cm chain which is chunky and suits the style. It comes with a gift bag so is all ready to give away.

This is a steampunk style desk lamp. It has a metal water pipe for the stem of the lamp which is bronze in colour and is shiny. The shade is made from the same material so that it matches and the bulb is exposed. It is 22 x 39cm and has a 150cm cord and is compatible with incandescent, LED, CFL and halogen bulbs E27 in size. Will add a vintage steampunk look to any room.

This is a pair of military style boots which would look great with any steampunk costume. They are women’s high lace up boots with some buckle details which have an authentic Victorian look with a modern twist. They come in black, brown or tan and in UK women’s sizes 3.5 – 7. They are made from Nubuck leather and have a polyurethane sole with a block heel that is 3cm high.

This is a paperback book called ‘1000 Steampunk creations: Neo-Victorian Fashion, Gear and Art’ by Dr Grymm. Dr Grymm has made custom contraptions and sculptures in his lab which have been seen in multiple exhibits, films, television and publications and has paired up with his wife for this book. The book has 1,000 photographs to inspire and entertain which includes jewellery, fashion, accessories, headgear, artwork, home decorations and curious contraptions.

This is a steampunk style lace choker necklace. It has a pretty lace band which is decorated with gears, cogs and chain tassels. It is 34 x 10cm in size. This would work really well with a steampunk style outfit but would also add a stunning effect to any plain outfit. Would give an elegant look with the pretty lace but adding the cogs gives a unique effect. There are other designs to choose from if required.

This is a novelty revolver in a steampunk style. It has a real Victorian science-fiction look to it but it is a safe plastic toy. It does look metallic and could be great fun to be put together with a steampunk fancy dress outfit to add a fun accessory. It is quite small so will fit easily in a pocket or bag to take out when required. Has free delivery.

This is a fun print. The background paper is the page from an antique dictionary and the print shows a tiger wearing a steampunk style suit and monocle with clocks and cogs in the background. The pages are 10 x 8 inches and so can be easily framed in a frame of that size or a larger frame with a mount – you will be able to choose what you think will work the best.

This is a pair of ladies’ fingerless gloves which are black and lace up. They are full lower arm length so from finger to elbow. They are made of satin and they are black with an option of different coloured laces such as black, purple, red or pink or there is a lacey option. They are 14 inches from end to end and have a built in thumb but no fingers. They would make a great addition to a steampunk outfit.

This is a makeup or toiletry bag which has a cool steampunk design. It has a basic sepia type colour with clocks and cogs on it. It is made from polyester and is 9 x 6.5 x 6.2 inches in size. It has a zip across the top which is black and it looks really fun and stylish. Could also be used to keep art materials, jewellery, accessories or other things.

This is a 3D wooden puzzle which is a cut out with cogs and gears in a steampunk style. It is fun kit to make as a model and can take up to an hour to make in total. After being made it will make an interesting ornament to fit in with a steampunk themed room or just to add a quirky look to any room. It is 12.5cm high and 7.8cm wide.

This is a really funky black ceiling light made out of pipework. It has three bulbs in it and has a real steampunk vibe about it. It has a three way staggered design so the bulbs face different directions and is 360mm x 290mm x 80mm. It takes 3 x 40w ES E27 GLS bulbs or squirrel cage Edison bulbs which are not supplied. Would add a cool steampunk or industrial vibe to any room.

This is a pack of 10 steampunk style charms. They are an antique bronze colour and are rings with old fashioned keys on them. They are 25mm and could be attached to necklaces or charm bracelets. They could also be used to accessorise steampunk clothing such as being attached to hats or other accessories. They could also be put on keyrings or used as bag charms to add a steampunk vibe to any outfit.

This is a colouring book with a theme of ‘steampunk animals’. It is a great gift for anyone who is artistic or loves to colour or that needs to take on a new hobby to relax more. There are 30 illustrations of animals all with cogs, gears, wheels, armour and steampunk fashion accessories. Would make a great gift with a set of pencils such as the Staedtler Ergosoft which are a fantastic budget choice!

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