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There are many people these days that suffer from stress. Some people cope with it very well or may even thrive on it, but there are others that need help with relaxation. If you know someone like this then you might want to find a way to help them to relax more. One way of doing this is to find them gifts that will help. There are lots of things that you could possibly choose from and it might be tricky to know what to get. We have therefore put together a list that we think will help you to find the right gift for them.

30 Gift Ideas for People Who Are Stressed

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This is a destress product from Tisserand Aromatherapy. It is a bottle with a roller ball on it so the essential oils can be applied whenever needed. It has a mix of geranium, orange and nutmeg which can help to reduce anxiety and bring about a feeling of calm. It a small 10ml bottle which can be carried in a pocket or bag to use on the go if necessary.

This is a boxed set of three Aromatherapy pulse point roller balls. The idea is that you choose the right 10ml bottle for your needs and then apply a bit of the oil to a pulse point and it should help with relaxation. There are three in the box: Breathe Deep, Mind Clear and Real Calm and each has a different blend of pure essential oils to help you to feel better.

This is a 10g tin of 100% organic calm balm. It is a natural rescue remedy which has been hand blended by an aromatherapist to relieve the symptoms of stress, anxiety and panic. It is a light formula which is suitable for all skin, even sensitive. It is a small tin which is therefore easy to fit in a pocket or bag, desk drawer or bathroom cabinet so that it always on hand to use when needed.

This is a worry stone. It has an indented shape which is designed so that you can place your thumb on the stone. It is polished smoothly and the idea is to rub the thumb on the stone to help you to feel better. This particular stone is amethyst which is powerful and protective and guards against anxiety and offers protection from harm. There are alternative stones to choose from if required.

This is an Adult Colouring Book for Tea Lovers. It is a book full of fun designs to colour. Colouring has been recognised as an activity which reduces stress but every page has a tea theme. The colouring pages have a black backing to prevent bleed-through from pens or paint and you can also therefore remove the pictures for framing. The book is a bargain price so perhaps give it together with a set of pencils or pens – Staedtler are a good bargain brand.

This is a herbal remedy by A. Vogel. It is a traditional herbal medicinal product for temporary relief of symptoms of stress and mild anxiety and contains Valerian-Hops oral drops. The idea is that 10 -20 drops are taking in water or juice once or twice a day. Many people find that it helps them to get a calmer sleep or to be able to relax during the day when help is needed.

This is a lavender-scented candle in a pretty tin. Lavender is known to be stress relieving and so burning the candle when trying to relax can be beneficial. It burns for at least 70 hours so will provide a lot of relaxation. It is made from soy wax with lavender essential oil and cotton wicks so it is cruelty free. Comes boxed so ready to give as a gift.

This is a fun stress ball. It is in the shape of a person curled up in the foetus position and is made of soft silicone. It can hide in the palm of the hand where it can be gently squished to help with reducing anxiety. It is useful in all sorts of situations such as school, college and work and can be kept in the pocket to be used when needed. It measures 60mm x 35mm x 80mmm in size and is purple.

This is a fidget cube which can help with stress relief. It has all sorts of buttons and levers on it to be played with in the hand to relieve stress. It can help to distract an anxious mind or even help with concentration.  It measures 69.5 x 61.9 x 74.4 and can therefore easily fit in a pocket or bag to be brought out when needed. It comes in a choice of colours.

This is a pack of 6 sets of handmade incense sticks. They have different scents in them to produce different effects and they are: refreshing, relaxing, meditation, stress relief, sensuality, energising. Each pack has around 20 sticks in it so there are plenty there and they will therefore provide energy and relaxation for a long time with their soothing aroma. They have pretty packaging so make a great gift idea.

This is a set of 6 stress balls which each have a motivational message on them. They are mint, scuba blue or multi coloured with black writing which say ‘Prove the wrong’, ‘dream big’, ‘Won’t stop! Can’t stop!’, ‘make it happen’, ‘I can I will’ and ‘Find your fire’. They are made from durable moulded PU foam and are 2.5 inches in diameter. Useful for squeezing or perhaps throwing to reduce stress!

This is ‘The Calm and Mindful Notebook’ which is a guided self-care journal with writing prompts in A5 size. It has daily reflections over a 12 week period which are designed to focus on specific areas of your life and become more aware of the present. There are small daily activities to do which are simple but could make a big difference. There are also inspiring quotes to motivate. The book is a calming blue colour and has an elegant clothbound cover so it makes a really lovely gift.

This is a stress relief toy. It is a magic ball or speed cube which is designed to help adults and children with stress relief. It has a selection of stimulating colours and is sponge inside. There is a selection of different coloured balls which can be manipulated inside the larger one to mix up the colours and they then need to be sorted again. It can provide calm during times when you are stressed or it is entertaining when you are bored.

This is a Shiatsu neck and back pillow massager. It can help to relieve muscle pain from sports but also caused by stress and tension. The ergonomic design means that it can easily fit in the neck or back to give a comforting experience. It has different settings to suit different levels of tension. It is really easy to use and can be used on many different parts of the body if required.

This is a portable head massager to reduce stress and tension. It is suitable for use by adults and children and will work on any size of head to provide a comforting massage experience. It can even increase the blood supply to the scalp which could help with hair growth or be used as a head-scratcher. It is light and portable and comes in a box and is therefore ideal for giving as a gift.

This is a stress relief fidget pen. It writes like a pen but also has a selection of fidget toys built into it. It has a textured grip, thumb rub. Click switch, rolling ball, button, up and down and a gyroscopic rotation knob. The pens come in a pack of two and there is a choice of blue or pink. They can be really useful for stress relief and will enable someone at school or work to fidget and reduce stress while writing.

This is a cooling eye mask which is reusable. It has gel beads in it which can be used for hot or cold therapy and can help with all sorts of problems such as stress relief, migraine, headaches and sinus pain. It comes in a soothing light blue, green or pink colour. It can warmed in the microwave or put in the freezer to provide the required effect and can be reused.

This is a humorous boxing kit for use on a desk. It has a mini punch bag with a suction cup to stick it a desk. Then there are a pair of boxing gloves – which fit on the end of your fingers and you can punch the little punch bag to get rid of your aggression. You can put one on each hand or give one to someone else to use so you can play with someone else. It also comes with a booklet and in a box so looks great to give as a gift.

This is a book by Dr Rangan Chatterjee called the Stress Solution. The book is written in a simple way and provides a four-step solution for a calmer, happier and healthier you. Dr Chatterjee is a TV host, runs his own podcast series and frequently posts on social media with his health solutions which are all provided in a simple way using techniques that are easy to fit into a busy life.

This is a Tibetan singing bowl which is used for meditation and mindfulness. It is a set which includes the bowl, wooden striker and cushion which has been hand sewn. It has been created in the Himalayan Foothills by Nepalese artisans which provides a calming and healing feeling. It is 11.5cm and is perfectly sized to fit in the hand so can be used on the go if required but are still vibrant and resonant.

This is a Rosian and Levine copper bracelet which is designed to help with health issues. It is crafted from quality copper and has silver plating on it which means that it looks good and is durable. It has special healing magnets in it which help to stimulate the flow of blocked energy and helps to naturally detoxify your body and can therefore help with anxiety. It is adjustable so fits everyone.

This is a silicone pencil topper which is designed to be chewed. It is made from 100% food grade silicone which means that it is suitable for this purpose. It is also easy to clean. It is available in a choice of three colours: pink, red or green and it looks like a chess piece.  It is designed to go on a pencil and used to help with stress relief as some people find that by chewing things they feel more relaxed.

This is a stress ball which is the shape of a PlayStation controller rather than a ball. It is designed as a stress relief toy as it is soft and squashy. It is a fun way to relieve stress and to have fun at the same time. Although it cannot be used to play games, you can still hold it and press the buttons and have fun with it. Great to help children to relieve the stress of playing video games but also for general stress and anxiety relief.

This is a ‘Little Bag of Calm’. It is a small organza bag which measures 10cm x 15cm and has a selection of items in it. There is a card with it which explains the significance of each item such as ‘tea bag – to take time out to relax’, ‘cotton wool – to wrap yourself in’, ‘balloon – to help lift your mood’ and ‘polo – to help you out of a hole’. Is a fun novelty gift idea.

This is a magnetic therapy bracelet which is made from titanium steel and is a silver and gold colour. It is adjustable in size and helps to reduce anxiety. It has magnets inside it to help reduce stress, aid sleep and improve mood, although should not be worn at night. It is supposed to open the flow of blocked energy by using magnetic therapy which can help with all sorts of disorders including anxiety.

This is a DVD called ‘Everyday Yoga for Stress Release with Nadia Narain’. It is a 70 minute DVD which will help those that need some balance in their life and some calm but do not have the time for a yoga class. It has three practices, one requires less energy and helps to aid a calm and restful sleep and the second focuses more on strengthening and the third help to relieve the body from anxiety.

This is an audio CD which has simple guided meditations and is called ‘Breathing into Stillness’ with music and vocal by Caroline McCready. It has four meditations which include a full body relaxation, seven minute breathing meditation, becoming the stillness beneath your breath and basic breathing meditation without music. They are simple and easy to follow and Caroline has a very gentle and soothing voice which helps the relaxation become much easier.

This is a pair of wooden incense stick holders. They are made of wood with a brass inlay. They are about 26cm long and are therefore suitable for the long sticks of incense and will catch the ask from them as they burn. They are a useful gift to give alongside some incense sticks and are competitively priced with free delivery so will be very affordable and useful as well.

This is a rotating lollipop toy. It is a toy that you can turn with your hand and it can roll into different shapes. It is a great desk toy which you can play with to relieve anxiety. Great for an office or for a student’s desk to help them to wind down while they are having a short break from revision. Comes in a stimulating bright colour and even have free delivery.

This is a special cushion to help with relaxation. It is made of gel and flexes to absorb pressure points which help to promote a good seating posture. It has air channels to keep the temperature at a pleasant level. It is easy to clean and the zippered cover can even be put in the washing machine. It will help you to feel more relaxed when sitting for long periods such as at a desk and will reduce tension in the muscles.

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