33 Gifts for Table Tennis Players

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Table Tennis otherwise affectionately known as ‘ping pong’ is actually an Olympic Sport and can be played with one opponent or as a team of two against two opponents. For children this sport can provide an excellent form of exercise, but also in some cases can even reduce the risk of short-sightedness. We have chosen gifts for all ages and abilities, and for players and fans of the sport. You will literally find every kind of gift here from bats to balls, from tables to scores, from children’s games to party games, from gimmicks to innovative storage solutions and of course clothing.

33 Presents for Table Tennis Fans

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This all-encompassing table tennis set for four people will allow for hours of fun. This durable long-lasting set includes four quality table tennis bats that are made from wood and are comfortable to grip, eight table tennis balls of which four are white and four are orange, and a useful carrier to keep the set in. The orange balls can actually help enhance your game, as you will be able to see the ball more clearly.

This easy to put up, movable net will turn all tables into a surface to play table tennis. An exciting gift for the table tennis enthusiast whereby this gift will make practice feasible anytime and anywhere. The length of the net is 2.2 metres, but can be made smaller to fit the table you are using and will work on any surface up to a maximum depth of 5 cm.

This impressive table tennis bat with holder is available in two options to cover all abilities, the first for beginners to intermediate and the second for intermediate to advanced. The bat is made using an incredible nine layers of wood giving the player greater intensity when hitting the ball and other durable materials. The front of the bat is red and the back of it black. A great gift for the aspiring table tennis player.

Measuring over 180 cm this table tennis top will fit perfectly on any level surface, which can turn your dining table into an area to practice or provide hours of fun with friends and family. This table tennis top also comes with two bats, three balls, netting and supports. An attractive blue colour this is a high-quality top and can easily be stored when not in use.

Perfect for the young budding table tennis players over three years of age or for some family fun, this portable table tennis table measures 1.6 metres in length and weighs just over ten kilograms. Easy to install and disassemble and store, this table tennis table is fetching in blue. This set includes 2 bats, netting and a table tennis ball. The table tennis enthusiast will love this gift!

A practical gift, this table tennis table cover is water resistant and will withstand most weather conditions. Thus meaning that the table tennis table can spend the whole year outside safely and securely and simply covered when not in use. The measurements of the cover are 1.51 metres long by 1.27 metres width and a variable depth of between 0.75 metres to 0.25 metres from the top downwards. This cover is made using a light, durable plastic-based material.

These will make a great stocking filler! Made by the reputable Schildkraut these quality balls that are long-lasting with plenty of bounce. Measuring 4 cm in diameter you can purchase one of three options, either 6 white balls, 6 orange balls or a mix of 3 white and 3 orange balls. A great value purchase for the young table tennis player, those starting out or for practice purposes.

This outdoor table tennis table will delight the serious table tennis player or those who love to play. This set includes the table which measures an enormous 2.74 metres long, 1.53 metres wide with a height of 0.76 metres, in addition to two bats, three balls and a net and post set. Hard wearing this table can endure the worst of the weather conditions and can be easily moved around.

This table tennis trainer provides little ones with the opportunity to practice their table tennis moves. It also has the additional benefit that it can help to reduce the risk of short-sightedness. Suitable for boys and girls over four years of age. This set includes a stand with a part where one of the two flexible and enduring included leads can be adjoined. The leads come in two different lengths to fit. Three balls and two bats are also included.

Written by an acclaimed table tennis player this book is aimed at beginners and intermediate players who want to develop their table tennis skills. Well-illustrated and well-written providing a step-to-step guide of how to improve your game alongside lots of tips of how to improve your game, over 200 pages included. This book will make a lovely gift for the table tennis player wanting to improve their game.

This intelligent and impressive robot that will impress the competitive table tennis player who receives it. It allows the tennis table player to practise on their own against the machine. It is operated by a control panel that communicates with the actual robot to release the balls towards the player. There are 20 pre-determined activities designed by former international player Richard Prause with the ability to save other drills of your making. This will really help the table tennis player develop new skills.

This brightly coloured and eye-catching green and white table tennis machine, that can deliver an astonishing fifteen balls every minute. This set includes the machine, 10 table tennis balls, and a guide on how to install and use the machine. The machine measures approximately 31 cm height by 15 cm length and 15 cm width. This will help the player develop their hitting skills and will be a welcome gift for table tennis players of all abilities and ages.

This smart and stylish storage unit will keep your balls and bats of all dimensions and density stored tidily away. On average it can hold between 4 to 6 bats and up to 5 balls. With an original design and made from high quality steel, this is a very cool and innovative gift for the table tennis player in your life. Weighing just 0.44 kg this unit is black in colour and can be used inside or outside your home.

Written by a Sports Editor the 32-page book contains information about the evolution of table tennis, suggestions of how to improve game play and interesting trivia about this sport. It also includes two very cool exceedingly small bats, 1 table tennis ball and a quick to put up desk sized net. Whether in the office, when taking a break from study practise, practise opportunities will never be far away with this set.

A strong and sturdy water-resistant table tennis table cover that will stand up to the most severe weather conditions. Measuring 164 x 70 x 183 cm. This cover should fit most sizes and shapes of table tennis tables. Easily washable, this durable cover is also eco-friendly. A very practical and useful gift.

This novelty gift will put a smile on the table tennis players and kids over six years of ages faces. This game set for two people includes two small bats featuring the shape of a poop, two table tennis balls, two small suction cups and a net. A game of poo pong can be played anywhere where you have a flat surface. Definitely the ideal stocking filler or secret Santa gift.

For the competitive table tennis players or even competitive family, this game scorer will help keep score during game play. Good quality and made from plastic material by a reputable table tennis brand, this scorer is black with the brand and logo written in white. It can score up to 30 points per game and up to five sets and weighs just over 1 kg.

For the competitive table tennis player this stylish table tennis bat cover will make a lovely gift. This bat case is not only robust but also practical with space for up to three table tennis balls in a separate pouch on the back of the case and one bat. The case is black with a red and white design on the front of the case and is made from woven fabric giving the case a silky finish.

Definitely a very practical gift for the table tennis player and useful for when the rubber on their table tennis bats starts to come off. Great quality glue that works! German made, this glue is easy to apply and by using a porous material for its application, the glue will take between ten and thirty minutes to take effect. Would make a great stocking filler or Secret Santa gift for the table tennis fanatic.

This gift gives the table tennis player a chance to show off their skills in a social setting or just for fun for everyone! The aim of this game is quite simple – to get the table tennis ball into somebody else’s drink with a skilful or more likely an opportune throw! This set includes six plastic glasses for beer, six for bubbly and six bouncy table tennis balls!

Another drinking game that will provide lots of fun and laughs for a house party for the over eighteens! With 18 red plastic cups and 18 orange balls the aim of this game is to throw a table tennis ball in the drink of one of your competitors and get them to drink! This game requires skill and lots of luck. It will make a great gift for a table tennis players birthday or other celebratory party.

This game will challenge the young table tennis players between the ages of five and twelve years old whilst providing lots of fun. Two opponents are needed for this game. This game comes with a board for the game, sixteen ping pong balls with eight coloured blue and the other eight coloured yellow, an illustrated dice, and a guide of how to play. A great Birthday or Christmas gift!

Another fun family game or even party game. A minimum of two players are required to a maximum of four players. The aim of this game is to have zero ping pong balls in your area.  For children and adults over the age of eight years old, this game will result in lots of laughs and fun. Even practise on their own will keep kids occupied for hours.

This attractive looking note pad with lines will make a great gift for the table tennis player. The neutral coloured note pad features a red and blue table tennis bat and a white ping pong ball all outlined in black, on the front. The wording ‘I don’t need therapy; I just need to play table tennis,’ in a mix of black and blue writing. A lovely gift for both men, women and young adults who love table tennis!

These charming cuff links will give the table tennis player’s shirt the edge! Metal coloured each cuff link features a table tennis bat, textured on the bat part whilst the handle is smooth along with the ball. Good quality and an original table tennis clothing accessory for men, these cufflinks will make a thoughtful gift for the loved one who loves to play table tennis.

This polo shirt can be used when playing table tennis or as casual wear or even for other sports such as running. This porous shirt has sleeves that finish just above the elbow. Sizes available are small, medium, large, extra-large, and double extra-large. You can choose to gift this shirt in a huge choice of forty-five colours or classy designs including blues, greens, reds, oranges, white, greys and blacks.

This lovely cool head and arm sweat band will certainly brighten up the day. Available in just one size and suitable for men and women this colourful set is made from absorbent material, the colours featured on the band are – purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. The headband measures approximately 18 cm in length by 6.35 in width, whilst the armbands measure nearly 9 cm in length and just under 8 cm in width. A quirky gift!

This environmentally friendly conception is aimed at playing table tennis in the outdoors. Great quality, these table tennis bats are water resistant and made from recycled cotton and polyester. With a soft skin and absorbent materials these bats are soft to hold and provide good grip. The bats are suitable for adults and children with one bat being red, whilst the other is blue.

A polo shirt for ladies that is perfect for the table tennis player to wear whilst playing table tennis or when just chilling out. This polo shirt is available in sizes from eight to twenty-six and in a choice of eighteen colours from dark colours like – grey, green and purple to lighter colours such as pink and lilac. Made from natural and synthetic fibres these shirts are good quality and wash well.

These nifty little zipped pouches are able to store items you want to keep safe such as: money and bank cards when you are undertaking sports activities. They can also act as sweat armbands. This will make a practical gift for the table tennis player in your life, but can also be used when partaking in other sports and activities. This gift features four pouches coloured white, blue, red, and black.

There are two layers in these shorts, the outer layer is loose fitting, and you can choose from 23 different colours such as: black, white with a light grey design, blues, reds, and greens. The inner layer is tighter and includes a compartment where you can keep personal items. These shorts are available in sizes medium, large, extra-large, double extra-large, and triple extra-large. A great gift for the table tennis player when they are playing competitively or training.

This groovy t-shirt will be loved by the table tennis player or fan! Available in a male and female fit, there are ten background colours to choose from, blues, greys, black and white. On the front of the t-shirt a red and white with a blue inner target is featured, that also depicts a white table tennis bat and ball.

Designed inhouse this V-neck top is a must have for the table tennis player’s wardrobe. Navy in colour, the front of this top features a table tennis player in a pose with the wording ‘Table Tennis Master.’ Made from natural material this shirt is available in sizes, small, medium, large, extra-large, double extra-large and triple extra-large. This attractive shirt will make a lovely gift.

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