29 Gift Ideas for Taylor Swift Fans

By Lewis
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If you are buying a gift for someone that is a fan of Taylor Swift then you might like to buy them a related gift. It might not be that easy to know what to get them though. If you are not a fan, then you may not know where to start. We have decided to help and come up with a list of items that we think will appeal to fans of Taylor Swift so that it will be much easier for you to find a suitable item for them. We have picked a range of different types of products and therefore this means that there should be something that will suit everyone.

29 Amazing Presents for Fans of Taylor Swift

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Fans of Taylor Swift will enjoy testing themselves with the quiz book. There are 375 questions in it and they will be able to see how much they really know. It will also enable them to learn more interesting information as well. The questions are split into rounds of 15 questions each and there are answer sheets so you could even quiz your friends. It is available as a Kindle edition or a paperback.

Taylor by Taylor Swift is a perfume that fans of the singer are bound to want to own. It is a complex scent that has base notes of creamy sandalwood and apricot nectar and middle notes of peonies, hydrangeas and vanilla orchids with top notes of fresh fruit and flowers. It comes in a 100ml bottle with a crystal lid which is inside a pretty box with primary colours and a contemporary pattern.

Colouring books are really popular these days with adults and children alike. This one is a colour by number book featuring pictures of Taylor Swift. This format means that it is really easy to colour the pictures with no concerns about which colours to pick, you can just lose yourself in the relaxing art of filling boxes with colour. It has high-quality pages and lots of different images to enjoy.

This is a standing cut out of the superstar singer Taylor Swift, The American singer is pictured in a leather cat suit. Made of durable cardboard and only weighing 0.5 kilograms it is perfect for displaying on the wall or self standing. The cut out is foldable for easy storage for whenever you want to bring her out to party.

Quirky gifts can be fun to give and this coaster is really unusual. It is a recycled vinyl disc with a Taylor Swift record label in the middle. It has a laminate finish which means that it is heatproof and waterproof. It has a 110mm diameter and 4.5mm depth and so it provides great protection for the surface that it is on and it will also look great. This is for one but you get a discount for bulk orders.

Fans of Taylor Swift will like this book which is the Unofficial Taylor Swift fan book 2020. It contains all sorts of things such as quizzes, quotes and facts. There is also a word search puzzle to complete as well. It is an interesting read for fans of the singer and will help to keep them entertained for a while. It is available as a paperback book or a kindle edition.

This contemporary and stylised print of Taylor Swift is a fun gift idea. It comes in a choice of different sizes and is printed on quality paper. It is unframed and therefore you can choose a frame that you think will work with it or give it unframed so the recipient can hang it as a poster or choose a frame for themselves. You can even choose a different background colour to match in with a rooms décor better.

Taylor Swift fans that play instruments or sing will like a copy of this piano, guitar and vocal book. It has fifteen of her songs in a suitable arrangement so that they can be played. They include ‘Look What you Made me do’ and ‘Ready for it’. They will be fun to play and sing and will be especially good for fans but really for anyone that enjoys one or some of the songs that are featured in the book.

Posters can make good gifts and this is a 30 x 45 picture of the face of Taylor Swift. It does come in other sizes as well which means that you will be able to get the one you feel will work the best. It has an eye-catching design and it would look good framed on a wall and also unframed as well. It is printed on durable material that will last a long time.

Colouring books can be great fun to use and this one features quotes from the song lyrics of Taylor Swift with pictures of her as well as floral designs around them. Colouring is an extremely relaxing activity and it is something that can be done by most people even if they think they are not artistic. This book will be great for any fans as they will enjoy the words and pictures.

Hoodies are popular with lots of people and this one is eye-catching as it has a picture of Taylor Swift Folklore on it in black and white, with other designs also available. It comes in sizes XXS – 4XL in a unisex fit and has a kangaroo pouch style pocket and drawstring around the hood. It is made from polyester and is therefore warm and cosy and is machine washable.

Fans might like to have this cardboard cut out of their idol Taylor Swift. It shows her in a red mini skirt and white crop top with high heeled sandals on. It is 180cm x 54cm in size and is durable and sustainable. It can be great for a Taylor Swift themed party or bedroom or just for general fun. It has a card easel so that it stands up easily.

Canvas wall art can look really striking and this picture features Taylor swift in a colourful and contemporary style. It is available in five different size options but comes unframed so you can choose whether to hang it like a poster or frame it. It is printed on water-resistant polyester art fabric using archival inks so it is durable and will not tear and will last a long time without fading.

Mugs make good gifts and this one is a white ceramic cup and has a picture of Taylor Swift on it with a butterfly and her name. It is printed on both sides and is therefore suitable for left and right-handed people. It is an 11oz mug that measures 3.14 x 3.74 inches in size. It is not suitable for microwave or dishwasher use so might be best used as a pen holder or for storing other items in rather than for drinking out of.

Young Taylor Swift fans will enjoy the dot to dot colouring book featuring pictures of Taylor Swift. Each image needs to be completed by carefully joining up the dots and then it will be easy to colour using pencils or markers. The pictures are on one side only so you can even use alcohol markers without ruining the other side and they can be removed for framing. The paper is of high quality.

Pillows are lovely to have in a home and can be used to decorate a bed or on a sofa. This one has Taylor Swift lyrics on it. It is a natural cotton colour and says ‘Kill them with kindness’ on it in black print. It is 45cm x 45cm in size and it is printed on both sides. This is a pillowcase only and so you will need to buy an insert or the recipient may have one already that needs covering.

Poster prints can brighten any room and this certainly will with its red and blue background and a picture of Taylor Swift. It is 30 x 42cm in size and is sent unframed which means that you can choose a frame that you feel will work well with it and tie in with the recipients home. You could also give unframed and leave it up to them to make the choice.

Blankets are warm and cosy and so most people would love to get them as gifts. This one has a picture of Taylor Swift on it with a pom pom fringe edging. It comes in a selection of different sizes and is printed on one side and made from polyester. It is durable and can be compactly folded if necessary. It is machine washable and therefore is really easy to keep clean.

Fans of Taylor Swift will enjoy this mug. It is a white ceramic mug that comes in an option of 11oz or 15oz sizes. On it, it says ‘#swiftie’ with two red hearts. It has a high gloss finish that will never fade and it is printed on both sides. It can be used for hot and cold beverages and comes in a box so is easy to wrap up before giving away.

Novelty items can be fun to give and this one is cheap as well. It is an imitation million dollar bill with Taylor Swifts picture on it. It is great fun and is printed on both sides and the same size as real American dollars. Could be great fun to slip inside a card and as there are two they could be framed, one facing in each direction. They are printed at high quality.

Stickers are popular with a lot of people as they can be put on books, phones, laptops, folders, mirrors etc. These all have a Taylor Swift theme and so will be ideal for fans. They have non-marking glue so can be easily removed and they will therefore be popular with kids and their parents as well. They could even be used for scrapbooking or they could be framed.

T-shirts make useful gifts and this short-sleeved one says ‘Swiftie’ on it in black or white. It is available in in various colours and sizes between 8 and 26. It is made from 100% cotton which means that it will be soft and comfortable to wear. It will go down well with fans and the subtle writing makes it look classy and it would go well with a pair of jeans.

Mugs make fun gifts as they can be useful and this one says ‘You’re Feeling 22’ on it. It is therefore a great gift for a Swiftie. It comes in the option of 11oz or 15oz and it is made of high gloss ceramic. It is printed on both sides and the print will never fade. It comes in a box which means that it will be easy to wrap up and they will not guess what it is until they unwrap it!

Beer drinkers that are Swifties will enjoy this beer mug. It holds 500ml of liquid and has a picture of Taylor Swift and a butterfly on it with her name. It has a frosted appearance and a chunky handle to make it really easy to use and it is thick and durable so should last well.  It is printed on one side and is not suitable for microwave and dishwasher use.

This print is of an autographed photo of Taylor Swift. It is on a black background and there is a large photo with ‘Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour’ underneath. It would make a welcome gift for a fan and it could easily be framed so that it can be hung up a wall and there will be no need to buy a mount for it either. It has a gloss finish.

Clocks can be handy things to own and this one is very striking. It is made from a vinyl record and a picture of Taylor Swift has been laser cut out of it. Then a clock has been put in the middle of it. It is twelve inches in size and would look especially good hung up on a light background. The clock takes just one battery and it is has a quartz movement which is reliable and it is silent so there is no annoying tick.

Fans of Taylor Swift will like this white, short-sleeved t-shirt with her picture and signature on it. It is a unisex style and comes in sizes small – 5XL with a relaxed fit and a round neck. It is made from cotton which means that it is soft and comfortable to wear and will wash easily. It is white with black print which means that it will go with lots of different outfits.

Jigsaw puzzles can be fun to do but this one could be quite a challenge. The picture is a close up of Taylor Swift’s face and there are 1000 pieces and so with similar colours, it could take a while. There are two size options, one with miniature pieces. They are made of thick cardboard which is resistant to bending and recyclable and every piece fits together really well so that it is easy to complete.

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