35 Thank You Presents for a Man

Updated on May 24th, 2021
By Eve
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When someone does something really special for you then it can be really nice to give them a thank you gift. However, it is not always easy to know what sorts of things to get them. You might wonder what might be appropriate or struggle to find something within your budget. We have put together a list of items that should help you. This has a big selection of things to choose from and so you should be able to find a gift that you feel will suit your budget as well as the person that you are buying it for.

35 Gifts to Say Thanks For a Man

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If the person that you are buying for likes the odd drink, then this beer hamper could be just the thing for them. It has a selection of craft beers included in it as well as a Beer Hawk branded glass to drink it in and a packet of pitta chips. It comes in a branded box so looks good as well and can easily be sent directly to the person.

Pens can make very handy gifts and this one is special as well. It has ‘thank you’ on it and so it will convey your thoughts and remind them how grateful you are every time they use it. This pen is mainly black with silver coloured embellishments and wording. It writes in black ink and it comes in a luxury black gift box so is all ready to hand over.

Mugs can be useful items to have and this one has a sentimental message on it too. It is a white mug which is made of ceramic and has bold black writing – which says ‘Thank you for being awesome’ on it that shows up really well. It is printed on both sides using the sublimation method so the message can always be seen. It is suitable for microwave and dishwasher use.

Gift vouchers can be a good way to say thank you as the recipient can then choose a gift that they will really love. This one says ‘thank you very much’ on it, so there will be no doubt as to why they are receiving it. It can be for any amount that you wish and this one is to spend on Amazon. It is very easy to deliver as well, as it will be sent by text or email.

Novelty gifts can be a fun way to say thank you. This one is a beer bottle opener which could be given with some beers. The opener is interesting and fun because it is in the shape of the gauntlet that Thanos wears in the Avengers movies. It has a copper type colour but made of stainless steel with some imitation coloured gemstones on the back and the knuckles in different colours.

Getting an item engraved means that you can personalise the message as much as you wish and then say exactly what you want. This pint glass, for example, can be engraved and you will be able to add on your message of thanks. It is a 20oz glass which is 159mm high and 85mm wide and made from a toughened glass. It is dishwasher safe and comes in a box.

If the person that you are thanking is into their DIY then this handy gadget could be a great idea to help them. It is a special universal socket set which can fit many different things such as nuts, bolts, screws etc. Great for ones that are broken and cannot be removed normally or where you do not have the relevant tool due to it being an uncommon shape or size.

A bouquet can be a great way to say thank you, but someone that does not like flowers may appreciate this one instead. It is a biscuit bouquet and comes in a box which says ‘thank you’ on it with a ribbon. Inside it are various types of Border’s biscuits such as butterscotch crunch, shortbread rings, Viennese whirls, golden oat crumbles and chocolatey cookies. There are five packets of each.

Novelty gifts can be a good way to say thank you. This multi-tool pen can be a great gift of this type. Not only is it a useful pen but it is also a ruler with two different scales on it: stylus, screwdrivers – both flat and cross head, spirit level and it has a pocket clip too. It comes in a choice of three colours and is an extremely useful item but fun as well.

If the person you would like to thank likes gin, then this gin making kit could be a great gift. It comes with all of the ingredients that are needed to turn any bottle of cheap vodka into gin. It comes with juniper berries, spices, cotton filter bag, bottle tags and testing pipette, they will just have to buy the vodka and they will be able to make themselves a tasty gin.

Gardeners will really appreciate this thank you gift. It is a Spear and Jackson branded trowel which has the words ‘thank you’ engraved on it. It is 36.4 x 10 x 6cm in size and has a stainless steel blade which is polished to resist rust and is easy to clean. There is a hardwood handle that has been weatherproofed which gives a comfortable grip. It comes in a pretty branded box.

Useful gifts can be some of the best. If the person you are buying for likes DIY then this will be really handy for them. It is a wristband with magnets in which can be used to hold nuts, bolts, screws, nails, tacks etc. It means that when they are up a ladder or doing intricate DIY work they can have the items they need really close by. It can be altered to fit any wrist.

If you want to make a good impression on a beer drinker then this 12 pack of craft ales could go down well. They are all hand-picked from Manchester breweries and they all have different flavours. They include lagers, pale ales and IPA’s so there is a good tasting selection. They are all selected from small and independent breweries too so it is good to support artisan producers in this way.

If you want an ornamental keepsake to give away then this could be it. It is a special star which can be engraved with a message of your choice. It is 7.5cm x 7.5cm in size and is therefore really cute. It has a hanging ribbon so it can be displayed proudly if required. It comes in an elegant gift box so will look really lovely when you hand it over.

Many people enjoy cured meats and this snacking box could be a great gift idea for them in order to thank them. It has 5-6 individually packs of different snacks which are all meat-based such as biltong, crackling and other air-dried products. It comes with a box of toothpicks as well. A great chance for them to try a range of snacks while you can express your thanks.

Bottle openers can be really handy and this one will open cans as well. It also has a handy space which can be engraved. This means that you can use it to express a thank you message to someone. It is made of chrome which means that it is silver in colour and shiny and it is also sturdy. It is on a keyring so that it can be carried easily and conveniently.

Anyone that likes their food will love this tower hamper so it can be a great way to thank them. This contains seven boxes of different sizes, which are stacked up and tied with a ribbon and they contain 15 different items. There is fudge cookies, oatcake, jam, chocolate, coffee, flapjacks, caramels and much more. The boxes are reusable too.  You can add a gift message so that they know it is a thank you gift.

Socks can be a lot of fun as well as being useful. This ‘funk you’ sock pack has six odd socks in it but they are all strangely matching! They all have a similar striped pattern but in different colours and a wacky face on them as well. They are size 5.5-11 and so should fit most people. They are made from cotton, polyamide and elastane so they are soft and comfortable to wear.

Beer and snacks can be a great gift, whatever the occasion. This boxed set contains a bottle of Old Henry Real (rich auburn) Ale by Hobson’s Brewery as well as three flavours of Mr Tubs pork crackling – traditional, salt and vinegar and smokey BBQ. They come together in a specially designed carry box so they look great as well and are easy to hand over as a thank you gift.

Whisky is something that many people drink and many like it to be cold when they drink it. However, using ice dilutes it and so many are turning to whisky stones as an alternative. These are made from soapstone and granite so they are different shades of grey. They come in a wooden box and also with a bag that they can be put in when they are being frozen.

A beanie hat can be a welcome gift to keep the head warm. This one has a LED light built-in as well, so it is great for walking in the dark or for wearing at other times when you need a headtorch. It comes in a choice of colours and the LED light will run for 10 hours on a full charge. It can be charged using USB and has different light mode options.

Most people enjoy chocolate and so this chocolate bar thank you gift could be a lovely idea. It is a bar of Belgium milk chocolate which is 85g and it comes in a mailing carton designed to fit through a letterbox. It comes with a greeting which reads ‘You’re a Star! And I just wanted to say Thank You!’. It can be personalised further if you wish and is a great alternative to sending just a card.

If the person that you want to thank is a vegan then this hamper could be suitable for them. It is full of treats that are suitable for vegans. There is a bottle of red wine, air-popped popcorn, oatmeal and ginger biscuits, chocolate truffles, fudge and dark chocolate. So lots of treats that all come in a smart-looking box which will be a great way to say thank you.

Beer lovers will really like this mini keg gift. It comes with a 5-litre mini keg of party seven pale ale as well as a party seven glass tankard and 7 party seven branded beer mats as well as a keyring. The ale is 4.2% and has a citrus aroma with a biscuit malt base and lasting bitterness. It will last 3-5 days once opened so it can be enjoyed by just one person on their own or shared with others.

Wine and cheese have always been known to go well together, so this hamper will go down a treat. This one has a bottle of Italian Merlot with a Ruby Mist mature cheddar with port and brandy made by the Snowdonia Cheese Company. It also has some black pepper crackers. You can add a personalised message as well so that you can express your thanks and let them know who it is from.

Wine lovers will appreciate this special five-piece kit. It includes a corkscrew, wine stopper, foil cutter, wine aerator and silver paint marker pen to personalise wine glasses. They all come displayed in a bottle-shaped case which will look great standing on any bar. An ideal gift to thank someone and you could give it together with a bottle of wine if your budget stretches that far or give it on its own as a fun and useful novelty gift.

A fun mug can make a great gift and this one is white and says on it in black print ‘Thanks a latte for all that you do!’ on it. It is ceramic and sturdy with a large handle that makes it easy to grip. The print is on both sides so it can easily be seen by left and right-handed people. It is printed in the UK using the dye sublimation method.

Wallets can make well-received gifts. This one is a bifold one and comes it a selection of different colours. It is made of leather and has RFID protection in it. It has space for 5-12 cards and some notes as well. It is 3.3 x 4.5 inches in size and has a little owl picture in the bottom right-hand corner. It would make a really great thank you gift.

Personalised gifts can go down really well. This stainless steel tankard will be a useful item for beer drinkers and you can have a message engraved on it. Therefore, you will be able to express your gratitude and thanks on it. It has a shiny finish which makes it look elegant and it has a slightly ornate handle but one that is still ergonomic to use. A lovely way to show how much you think of someone.

Wine drinkers will appreciate this collection of wines. This is a trio of red wines and so they will go down well with someone who enjoys drinking red wine. They are bedded in a wooden wine gift box lined with wood wool so they will look really great too. There is a Perez Cruz single vineyard La Higuera Block, Albacore Reserve Shiraz and Finca Los Principes El Rihuelo Rioja – a powerful selection.

Coasters can be essential to protect furniture from hot and cold cups and glasses. However, there is no need for them to be dull. This slate one can be engraved with a text of your choice, which means that you can put a thank you message on it or any other type of personalisation. It is cut from Welsh slate and is 10 x 10 x 1cm in size. It has 4 rubber feet on the base.

Pens can be very useful and having ones that are personalised can be really special. This is a pair of pens which can be laser engraved with up to 18 characters on each. They are both Parker Urban rollerball pens but with different looks to them.  Both are in elegant black and gold and they come together in a Parker gift box which is black. The same engraving appears on both pens in gold.

Non-alcoholic beer drinkers will love this mix of cans and bottles of beer. There are 14 in total and there are 7 different types such as Becks, Heineken, Brewdog Nanny State, Peroni Libera, San Miguel, Brewdog Punk AF and Stella Artois. They are all bottles apart from the Brewdog which are all in cans. They come in a Liquid Vault branded cardboard box.  An interesting mix of brands – great as a tasting pack.

Whisky drinkers will enjoy this special gift set. It has an old-fashioned crystal glass and a box of whisky stones. The stones come with a bag to put them in while in the freezer and the idea is that they can be used instead of ice to keep the whisky cool without diluting it. They both come together in a gift box which is wrapped and tied with a ribbon so great to send directly as a thank you gift.

Whiskey glasses can make a great gift and this pair of tumblers have an unusual look to them. They are 270ml in size and have a heavy bottom so they are sturdy when standing on a surface and they are not fragile so will not chip easily. They come together in an elegant black gift box so would make a great thank you present for someone that enjoys drinking spirits.

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