32 Gift Ideas for Anyone Who Loves The Beatles

By Lewis
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There are lots of people that are big fans of The Beatles and really enjoy collecting items that are themed around them. This means that if you are buying gifts for them, you might want to buy them items with this theme. This may be harder than you think though as you may wonder whether you can look for these items. We have, therefore, put together a list which contains items which feel that fans of The Beatles will really enjoy as well as some items that will be useful as well. We have found things at different prices so you will be able to find something that they will like but suits your budget.

32 Presents for The Beatles Fans

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Photos and signatures are valued by fans and The Beatles fans will appreciate this selection. It is a black mount board that has a black and white picture of the fab four with a panel that has their signatures on and a panel with the band name and their names. It is 29.7 x 0.4 x 21cm and is all ready to frame. The A4 size should mean that it will be easy to find a frame that will fit the picture.

Novelty gifts can be a lot of fun and this one is a cute handheld music box. It can be hand-cranked to play the tune ‘Let it Be’ and has the band name and song name inside the lid. The box is prettily carved and it 6.4 x 5.2 x 4.2cm in size so fits in the palm of the hand. It is really light and would look pretty sitting on any shelf.

Beatles fans will really enjoy looking through this replica pack of memorabilia. It includes four booklets which have photos and stats inside for the Beatle fan club, concert handbill, 1963 programme Cavern Club booklet, a collection of cards and other mixed ephemera. It is an authentic-looking collection of items that will really please any fan and they can frame the items if they wish or just look through them regularly.

A guitarist and Beatles fan might enjoy receiving this guitar strap as a gift. It is black in colour and has ‘Let it be The Beatles’ printed on it in white. It is 5.1cm wide and has an adjustable length of between 99.1 and 147.3cm and so it can be used by adults and children. It is strong and durable and so should last a long time and it is made from polyester which will not easily rip.

Tin signs can look great and they are also durable. This one has ‘Hey Jude 1968’ on it with pictures of the four Beatles in black with a coloured background. This one is 15 x 20cm in size and it has a hole drilled into each corner so that it can easily be hung up on a wall. The figures are embossed for extra impact and it is printed in bright colours in a retro style.

A mug can make a great gift as it is useful and most people use them. This one is made from ceramic with a high gloss finish and features colourful images of all of the members of The Beatles. It can also be personalised with a name of up to 12 characters to make it extra special. It comes with a gift box and so it is easy to wrap up as a gift.

Chopping boards are useful items but they can be decorative as well. This glass one features a fun artist’s impression of a yellow submarine which has been inspired by the song by The Beatles. It is hard-wearing glass and the picture is attached to the bottom and it has small non-slip pads on it so it is safe and easy to use. It is 26 x 20cm in size.

Wall stickers can really brighten up a room and these will be great fun for fans of The Beatles. There are 4 black silhouettes of the band members and the are 12 x 5 inches in total. They are very easy to apply and they can stick to a smooth surface such as a clean and dry wall or ceramic tiles. They can last up to five years so will make for a permanent decoration.

Coasters are useful to protect furniture from hot cups and cold glasses but they need not be boring. This is a set of eight which are mini vinyl records, each with a different picture in the middle of a Beatles single. They have an anti-slip rubber base. They come in a tin with more photos on it and it comes in a box so it is easy to gift wrap.

Clocks can make great gifts and they can either be functional or fun. This one will be great fun for fans of The Beatles as it is in the shape of The Yellow Submarine. It is a standard plastic clock which is brightly coloured and needs 1 AA battery. It is 24cm high and 35cm wide and it can make a great statement piece that will brighten up any room.

A print can be a great gift and this one will be a hit with fans of The Beatles as it is a replica movie poster form their film ‘Help!’. It comes in a selection of sizes from A4-A0 so you can choose the most appropriate one. It is printed on heavyweight satin photo paper and is a high-quality print. It is great to frame or could just be stuck directly onto a wall.

Lighters are great to give to those who smoke but this one will also make a great collectable for fans of The Beatles. It is black in colour and has white print showing a zebra crossing with the band members walking over it. It is a Bomblighter brand and is windproof and refillable so is convenient and will last a long time. Come in a tin and gift box so great for gifting.

An unusual clock can make a great statement piece in any home. This one is laser cut from a 12-inch vinyl record and has a picture of John Lennon on it. The clock is in the centre with a sticker for its face and has quartz movement and takes one AA battery. The item will really stand out against a pale-coloured wall and great for fans of John Lennon and The Beatles.

Flipbooks can be lots of fun and this one will present an animated version of all of the album covers by The Beatles. It is great fun to look through and it has 125 pages in total. It will be a hit with fans and it will also be likely to become a treasured possession in their collection of memorabilia and keepsakes and something that they are unlikely to have seen before.

Fridge magnets can be useful for putting notes on the fridge and can also be decorative. This one would be great for fans of The Beatles as it features a photo of their statue and says ‘Liverpool UK’ on it. It is 50 x 50 x 20mm in size and is round. It is actually domed with glass on the top of it which means that it is chunky to hold on to. It comes in a velvet gift bag.

Stickers can be a fun gift to pop in with a card and these all have different Beatles themed pictures on them. There is one large sticker and then four small ones. They will be good for sticking on all sorts of clean and dry surfaces or fans may just like to hold on to them as keepsakes. They are on a card that measures 10 x 12 x 1cm in size and come shrink-wrapped to protect them.

This poster will be enjoyed by many Beatles fans. It has a picture of a tree on it and says ‘All My Life’ on it with some of the song words as well as the signatures of the band members underneath. It is printed with fade proof ink and it is vibrant so it will stand out. The paper is 175gsm and so good quality and museum-grade with pigment inks.

Chopping boards can be used for preparing food but also for serving it or even displaying it. This one says ‘The Fab Four All You Need is Food’ on it and has a picture of the band on a zebra crossing. It is made from premium hardwood and measures 20 x 30 x 1.5cm in size and so is a rectangle but has curved corners. The picture has been laser engraved on to it.

Canvas prints can look really great on any wall and Beatles fans will like the black and white photo of the Beatles jumping in the air. It is printed with archival grade materials and has a vivid print. It is 76.2 x 50.8cm in size and is made to a high quality with 18mm deep kiln-dried frames. It is all ready to hang when it arrives and can be sent directly to the recipient.

Mugs make great gifts as they can be useful and they can also be fun as well. This one has a photo of The Beatles on the zebra crossing at Abbey Road on it which wraps around the cup. It is made from white ceramic with an ergonomic handle. It comes boxed and so it is easy to wrap up or it could be sent directly. It is an officially licensed product.

Fan of The Beatles will like the Yellow Submarine themed lamp. It looks just like the vehicle and is an LED light. It is made from a durable resin and although the bulb is likely to last a long time, the base can be removed to replace it. It has a simple on/off switch which is on the power cord. It measures 11 x 8 inches and is 100% official licensed.

T-shirts make very useful gifts but there is no need for them to be boring. Choosing one which really suits the recipient and appeals to their taste can make a big difference. For example, fans of The Beatles will like this t-shirt which says ‘The Beatles’ on it. It is available in black with white writing and white with black writing and is made from 100% cotton. It is available in sizes S-XXL.

Any Beatles fan that enjoys a drink will like these adorable shot glasses. It is a set of 4 and each has a silhouetted head of a band member on it. They are traditional shot glass size and the designs are etched on to them. They are dishwasher safe so convenient. They are not boxed and so you may want to find a box or put them in a gift bag before handing them over as a gift.

A patch can make a great budget gift and this one will be great for Beatles fans. It is the band’s logo and it can be ironed or sewn on to a bag or clothing. It is a fun thing to give as a gift and a bit different. It is 10cm wide and is black and white and so it will stand out if attached to a coloured fabric. It is an officially licensed product.

This framed print is all ready to hang up so makes a great gift. It is a print of the iconic photo of the Beatles on the zebra crossing at Abbey Road and it has a white mount and black frame. It is 30 x 40cm and the sturdy wood frame has shatterproof acrylic instead of glass on the front so it is safe to post. It Is a fully licensed picture.

Travel mugs can be really useful items to own as it saves us having to use disposable cups or bottle. This one has a John Lennon self-portrait design on it so it is great for fans of The Beatles. It is insulated and therefore will keep drinks hot or cold. It is durable as well and has a slide opening in the lid so it can be drunk from without the risk of spilling. It is officially licensed merchandise.

Framed collectables are always popular with fans and this framed picture will certainly appeal to the fans of The Beatles. It is a holographic serial numbered piece that has a selection of film cells and a photo of the Beatles with a little information plaque explaining what it is with the issue number. It is one of just 500 pieces and so is special. It measures 9.5 x 11.5 inches in size.

Doormats are useful items and this one is a coir mat and has a picture of The Beatles on in black as well as the band name. It comes in a selection of different colours and is designed for use indoors. It is 40 x 70cm in size and it is 1.5cm thick and can be brushed clean. Would make a great welcome into the house of a Beatles fan.

An alarm clock is an essential item to get many people out of bed each morning. This one is an interesting cube shape and is digital with a Beatles design on it. It has seven colour options and runs on USB or battery. It can also be used as a night light so could be great for a kids bedroom but also would make a fun gift for an adult that is a big fan.

A mug makes a great gift and this white ceramic one with an ergonomic, large handle has colourful words on which says ‘All you need is love’. It has a sharp and colourful print with a high gloss finish and is dishwasher safe which means that it is very convenient as well. Would be a really great gift for any fan of The Beatles. Comes packed in a strong box to protect it in the post.

Posters can make fun gifts to give and this one is a black and white photo of the members of The Beatles with their name above. It is 12 x 18 inches in size and comes without a frame. The size makes it really easy to find a frame that will work with the picture. It will make a big impact because of the colouring and fans of the band will love looking at it.

A wine glass makes a great gift for someone that drinks and this one has a fun design. It is long-stemmed and it says on the bowl ‘I get by with a little help from my friends’. The glass is 44ml and has a black base and stripe around the stem in black as well as a black rim around the top. It looks great so could be good for displaying as well as using. It is an officially licensed product.

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