32 Gift Ideas for Tween Girls

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Tween refers to the age between a child and a teenager and it can be a tricky age to buy for. Therefore, we have put together a list of gift ideas that we think will be suitable for girls of this age. We have selected a mix of different items and so we are confident that there will be something suitable for any girl, whatever their taste. We know that some girls are into traditional items but we have also included some items that we feel will appeal to girls that have an unusual taste too. We have also chosen things at different budgets so you can find something you can afford.

32 Presents for Tween Girls

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Colouring books are good for creativity and entertainment and can also be relaxing. This one is aimed specifically at girls aged 8-12 years of age and features pictures with cute animals. It has 36 pages and they are one-sided to help prevent bleed-through from markers and to enable them to be removed for framing. The book is 8.5 x 11 inches and has high-quality images.

Growing up can be hard and so this book could be a useful one to give to a tween. It is called ‘The Tween Book: A Growing-Up Guide for the Changing You’. It has information about growing up, finding a new role in the family, gaining independence, making decisions and setting future goals, understanding changing looks and body image, getting crushes and dating, making friends, dealing with teasing and bullying as well as completing schoolwork.

Journals make great gifts and this one is designed specifically for tweens and teens. It has over 100 pages and has activities that encourage family discussions, fun exercises with writing and drawing prompts as well as exercises to help challenges and problems be seen as an opportunity. It is 9 x 6 inches and has a matte cover. It helps to form a positive growth mindset through the activities inside.

Girls have fun playing with different hairstyles but adding colour can be even more fun. These temporary hair chalk dyes can help them with this. There are eight different colours and they will work on different colours of hair and the chalk colours can be mixed together to get a transitional colour. They come with applicators, disposable shawl and gloves so everything is included to use them easily. They wash out with shampoo and water.

T-shirts make great gifts and this long-sleeved cropped top will go down well as it has a ‘Friends’ logo on it in white with red, yellow and blue dots between the letters. It is available in sizes suitable for girls aged 7-15 years of age. It is 50% cotton and 50% polyester and has a casual fit. It is machine washable and therefore very easy to clean and is an officially licensed product.

Art kits can be a fun way to get children away from their phones for a while. This stencil art set includes tools with foam ends that can be pressed onto the supplied ink pads and then dabbed onto paper to make stencil scenes. They have different shapes such as ladybirds, flowers, faces and aliens. It comes with a book to print the stencils on it but they can be used on regular paper too.

Nails will look really good with this book, which has instructions on how to make 25 different designs on nails. It has six colours of nail polish included as well as a dotting tool and 250 stick-on stencils. There is an instructional booklet that shows how to create different designs using the products included. The nail polish is safe to use and can peel off once dry.

Art kits can be a lot of fun and this one is unusual as it is for string art. The idea is that pins and strings are used to create really interesting pictures. There are words, animals and shapes to make. All of the items are included that you will need to be able to make the pictures and there are three large and four smaller items to make.

‘Friends’ is a very popular TV show that has made a revival and is popular now amongst people and children of many ages. Tweens are therefore likely to enjoy wearing this ‘Friends’ themed t-shirt which is white. It is cropped and has short sleeves with a round collar and comes in sizes for girls aged 7-16 years of age. It is made from 100% cotton and is machine washable.

Friendship bracelets are fun to make and share with friends and these are even more special as they have charms to put on them as well. The kit has enough twine and charms to make six bracelets all in a pretty reusable tube. The charms include an elephant, butterflies, a flower and a starfish. There are also beads and loops to attach them to the cord which comes in a selection of different colours.

Tie Dying can be a lot of fun and this set has everything included to make different items. There are bottles and powders to mix up the dye, gloves, elastic bands and instructions. You will need to add water to make up the dyes and then you can choose which type of pattern you want to make using the elastic bands and fabric of your choice. You can choose clothing, pillowcases or scarves to tie-dye and will be able to try out different colours and styles using the instruction sheet.

For girls that enjoy styling their hair, this kit will be ideal. It contains eleven different types of hair tools with access to an ebook to teach you how to use them and create different styles. There is also a bag included which can hold all of the items. There is a braiding tool, overnight hair curler, hair grips, bands and other items to make lots of unique styles.

Charm bracelets are on-trend at the moment and so this charm bracelet making kit could go down very well as a gift. There are metal beads, pendants, crystal beads and rhinestone beads included. The pendants have pretty items such as Cinderella’s slipper and castle, starfish, mermaid, animals and fun shapes. There are three bracelets included which are silver plated and are adjustable so they will fit most girls.

Mermaid fans will enjoy this mermaid themed makeup kit. It includes two lipsticks, 1 lip gloss, 2 blush compacts, 1 shell eyeshadow palette with four colours, 2 eyeshadow applicators, 2 mermaid blushes, 2 nail polish colours hair bow and a mermaid-themed carrying case. The case and hair bow have a shimmery scale look to them. The makeup is all safe to use and easy to remove using soap and water.

Nail art is popular and so will you be if you gift this nail art kit. It includes coloured nail foil, butterfly nail sequins, mermaid sequins, candy-coloured nail foil, coloured tinsel and a nail brush pen and tweezers to apply them. Once a base coat is applied and dried, a coat of nail polish can be put on and the embellishments applied on top. They will need to be cured under a UV light.

Pyjamas can make a great gift and these are a cute pair. There is a short-sleeved white top and black leggings. The top has a cute panda picture and sys ‘barely awake’ on it and the trousers have lots of little pandas on them. They are available in sizes suitable for girls aged 9-16 years of age. They are 100% cotton so are soft and comfortable to wear.

Nail art is popular and this kit provides various items so that fun effects can be created at home. There are five colours of nail varnish which can be peeled off. There are also stickers included to make patterns on the nails. There is a booklet included to demonstrate how to make different nail art patterns. There are six different designs described but with imagination more can be created.

Hoodies are comfortable to wear and are therefore popular gifts. This one comes in different colour options and on the front is printed ‘A little bit dramatic’. It comes in sizes suitable for children and adults and has a deep pocket on the front. It is made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester so it is soft and warm but will not stretch out of shape. It is machine washable.

Crafts can make lovely gift ideas and this photo frame craft set is a useful item as well as fun to make. The frame holds a 10 x 15cm photo and it is white to show off the transfers and stickers that are put on it. It comes with two pots of glitter to use with the transfers and there are five sheets of foil transfer film as well. There are two sheets of transfer designs to pick from.

A jewellery box can be a useful thing to own and this one comes with all sorts of items so that it can be decorated. It has five different colours of clay with glittering gem stickers and a set of different carving tools to produce pretty designs. The wooden jewellery box is 9 x 10 x 14 cm in size and therefore will have the room to store quite a few different items.

Harry Potter fans will really enjoy receiving this hairbrush. It is silver in colour with the Hogwarts crest on the back of it. It is 18cm and has nylon bristles which will untangle the hair quickly and without any pain. It is super smooth and glides through any type of hair easily. It is a fully licensed product that comes in a branded presentation box, all ready to wrap up and give away.

Tattoos are something that young girls are not allowed to have, but they can have fun pretending with this temporary glitter tattoo set. There are 24 different tattoo stencils to choose from and 6 pots of cosmetic glitter in different colours. There are also two makeup brushes included which can be used to apply the glitter easily. The glitter is non-toxic and the set is suitable for children aged seven years and above.

Bracelets can be fun to make and to wear and this kit allows for both. There are over 6000 beads included in 28 different types and there are different colours of strings to put them on. The beads include flowers, hearts, leaves, squares, turtles, alphabet letters and shells. They are made from acrylic so are durable and will last a long time. Bracelets can be made to keep or to give away as gifts.

Cosmetics can make fun gifts and this set comes in a fun case with a mirror and lights in the lid. It includes 12 different colours of eyeshadow, 3 colours of nail polish, blush, lip gloss, nail file and brushes. The case closes securely and has a handle so it is easy to transport it to where you want to take it and everything is stored neatly. There is even a free app with ideas on how to use it.

Making candles can be a lot of fun and this kit shows how to make them with soy wax. There are 6 moulds to make different shapes of candles as well as three cutters. The shapes include a skull, ball, cat, squirrel, star and heart. There are also crayons, paintbrushes, glitter and templates so that they can be decorated and charms to hide inside them. There are full instructions included.

Body art can be fun to play with and this kit has different things that can be used. It includes 175 temporary tattoos including ones that are coloured, will glow in the dark or are metallic. There is also some glitter body gel, body inks and a tattoo stamp. It includes full instructions so it will be easy to know how to use everything for great results.

A pop socket can be a handy thing to own as it makes it easier to grip a phone and it can be used as a phone stand so that it can easily be propped up when watching videos or making video calls. The pop socket is mainly black but has a picture of a sloth with an alarm clock on it and says ‘Just because I am awake at 11 am doesn’t mean I am ready to do things’.

Kids may enjoy this starter amigurumi set. It shows how to use the kit to make a selection of cute animals. It is easy to use the enclosed textured yarn and crochet hook with the special loom to make five different animals. The mini animals are all cute and they can be used as pendants, keyring charms, bag charms or put on zips to pencil cases etc. Kids can even gift them to their friends.

Frozen fans will enjoy receiving this projector gift. It is a scratch art kit where children can choose to either use one of the frozen stencils or scratch their own constellations into the scratch and reveal film. They have the styluses included and all sorts of patterns can be created. Then when the projector is switched on the images that they have created will light up the room.

Making hair accessories can be lots of fun because they can be made and then worn or even gifted. This set has items included so that lots of different things can be made. These included beaded bobby pins, sparkling bows and hair ties. There are bobby pins, beads, hair clips, elastic ties, ribbons, scrunchy bow and more items included. There are enough items to make twelve different items.

Budding fashion designers will enjoy this fashion design sketchbook. It not only includes the sketchbook but has stickers and stencils to use with it. There is a design guide included to help to get them started and there are also puffy stickers too. The idea is that the stencils can be used to draw clothing on the figures in the book and then the stickers can be used to decorate it.

Onesies are loved by many people to wear in bed or as loungewear. This one has a rainbow unicorn design and is available in sizes 12-18. It has a zip down the front and the hood has a unicorn face on it and there is also a tail on the back. The fabric is striped with orange, yellow, pink and purple colours. It is machine washable so really easy to keep clean.

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