34 Gift Ideas for Girls Who Love Unicorns

Updated on April 15th, 2021
By Louise
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Every little girl loves a unicorn, a magical and mystical pony in rainbow colours with the trademark horn, wings and multicoloured mane and tail. For the young girl we have put together a wide range of carefully thought-out gift suggestions where you will be able to find the gift of your choice that will make a little girl very happy. Within our suggestions you will find everything for the little girl to complement their existing bedroom or create a whole new theme based on their love of unicorns, from bedding, to wall art and lights. We have unicorn craft suggestions to keep the young child amused and clothes to keep them warm and jewellery that will sparkle and glitter.

34 Unicorn Presents for Girls

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This cute little arts and craft set with a unicorn theme. For girls ages between five and eight years old, this set includes items that youngsters can decorate to personalise and make more beautiful.  Instructions of what to do with each item within this set, are included. When purchasing from this brand ‘Jack in The Box,’ you will also be helping an international development programme supporting families.

A gorgeous set including a dressing gown and pair of slippers for the little lady to wear whilst lounging around at the weekend or for bedtime. Made of super soft material, the dressing gown is multi-coloured in purple, pink, blue, yellow and much more with white spots. On the hood part of the dressing gown is the face of a unicorn with its horn, ears, mane, eyes and nose. The slippers feature a unicorn face in blue and purple.

Every little girl needs a playhouse so that they can play out their own fairy tales and a unicorn themed play house is just on another level. This playhouse has pink spotted top whilst around the main section is very colourful and features unicorns. The height of the playhouse is just shy of one and a half metres, with a diameter of just under one metre creating a spacious area for kids to play safely.

A sweet jewellery box with horses for the little princess to keep her jewels. The outer box is designed beautifully using lots of lovely colours. When the box is opened the unicorn spins around whilst making music. Perfect for children over three years of age, this jewellery box measures approximately fifteen centimetres cm length with a width of just under eleven centimetres and height of just over eight and a half centimetres.

The greatest gift for the little girl who loves unicorns. This unicorn soft toy is uber cute with pink feet, a white body, multicoloured tail and mane, orange horn and pretty blue eyes. This toy also makes noises, and the part of the unicorn that sticks out between its eyes lights up. Suitable for little ones over the age of three, the height of this toy is twenty four centimetres. The two batteries required to operate this toy are included.

To motivate the little lady to start saving, this unicorn money bank can be embellished to make it look even more beautiful. Included with the ceramic white unicorn are stickers, a sparkly substance, different types of coloured paper and a brush. This gift will keep the little one entertained for hours whilst allowing her to develop her creativity and resulting in a beautifully decorated money box she can use and keep.

A lovely toy where the little lady can combine her love for unicorns and imagination. Suitable for children aged four years old and over, this set includes a fairy mobile home along with the fairy, a unicorn and mouse figuerine, a bridge and some flower seeds of which real vegetaion will grow. This gift is beautifully packaged in a box showing the set with a very pink theme, perfect for the little girl.

This T-shirt set is suitable for a range of ages, from two years old to thirteen years old. The young one can colour in the unicorn outlines on the front using the pens included, then once it has been popped into the wash, they can colour all over again. The T-shirt is white and has the outline of three different looking and posed unicorns on the front of the T-shirt alongside a rainbow and the word ‘unicorn.’

This stationery set is literally the cutest and will no doubt encourage the little one’s creativity and writing skills. Included in this set is a notebook, twenty pens of all different colours and a water resistant container for putting all their pens. On the outer cover of the notebook is a unicorn standing on a rainbow with the word ‘unicorn,’ and shooting stars surrounding the image. The pencil case features white, blue and pink unicorns in different poses.

A lovely gift for the young one who loves unicorns. Suitable for children over six years of age, this set includes six bands and charms to dress the bands to make them into adorable bracelets, for themselves, their mum, their sisters and friends. The charms include unicorns in all different shapes and colours, fluffy clouds and beads. This gift comes packaged in the most captivating gift box with purple shaded bunting and daisies.

The perfect hot water bottle to keep the little one warm in bed at night. Made from soft fabric, the top covering of the water bottle outer layer is a fluffy purple colour, whilst the rest of it is patterned with lots of little white unicorns with purple feet and faces and a rainbow coloured mane. The background colour is grey with white spots. With a capacity of nearly twenty four fluid ounces.

A stunning unicorn T-shirt with a baby pink background colour. The unicorn design on the front of the T-short is bright will a bold mix of colours include yellow, purple and turquoise. Behind the unicorn is a rainbow. The words on the T-shirt say ‘I am a unicorn trapped in a human body in a mix of white and multi-coloured type. This T-shirt is available in sizes for three year olds to fourteen year old girls.

Every little girl’s bedroom should have fairy lights and these fairy lights are shaped in little unicorns. The pink unicorns come complete with their manes, tails and horn. The length of these fairy lights are just over two metres long with fifteen unicorn lights spread in equal distances along the length of material keeping the unicorns intact. You will need to purchase two double A batteries to work these fairy lights.

A gorgeous set of three unicorns in a figurine design. Based on the ‘three monkey,’ theme, one unicorn has her hands over her ears, another with her hands over eyes and the last one with her hands over her mouth. Made from ceramic each unicorn is white with decorative rainbow colouring on their tail and mane. They have grey hooves and horns. The height of each unicorn is ninety five centimetres.

Another gift for the little princess’ bedroom, this wall art can be personalised. The wall art features a unicorn head below which is a banner which can be personalised with the girl’s name, for whom the gift is for. The art is self adhesive so just needs sticking to the internal structure. The wall art measures three hundred and twenty millimetres high with a width of three hundred and eighty millimetres.

A sweet wall clock for the youngster’s bedroom. The outer frame is white with the clock face a white background colour. On the face is an elegant unicorn in a standing posse with very light pastel colour shading on its mane and tail, and of course the rainbow that is also featured. You will need one double AA battery for this clock to work. The width of the clock is one hundred and ninety five millimetres.

Wow, this is one very cute gift for the unicorn fan and will look absolutely gorgeous in their bedroom. This rug is in the shape of a unicorn that is laying down. The colours are a mix of white, black outline and pink for the mane, cheeks and tail. The length of the rug is six hundred millimetres and six hundred and forty millimetres wide. This rug is made purely from natural fibres and will make one little girl very happy!

A set of bedding fit for a princess who also happens to love mystical unicorns. Included in this single sized bedding set is a duvet cover and one pillowcase. The base colour of this bedding set is a dark blue. The design on the duvet cover features the unicorn flying, with her wings open, above lots of white fluffy clouds with sparkly stars in the background.  Whilst the pattern on the pillowcase is lots of glittering stars.

This adorable wall art is made up of ten plaques that can be affixed to an internal wall. Each plaque made from timber, has a word or saying to make up the following phrase, ‘Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn. The plaques are a mix of blues, purples and white with a couple of the plaques featuring unicorn images or a star or a rainbow. In its entirety the wall art is just shy of a metre in length.

One for the little girl’s birthday party, sleepover or even just to keep her entertained with Mum. With a staggering fifteen packs included in this is a sticker set of everything unicorn – unicorns, clouds, rainbows, stars and shooting stars, hearts, flowers and magical wands. Easy to affix to themselves like tattoos, or glasses or even paper, this tattoo and sticker set will make a truly wonderful gift.

Everything needed for an afternoon make up session with Mum, Grandma or sister. Included in this set is gentle make-up for the little one face, eyes, cheeks and lips with application brushes. The set comes in a gorgeous suitcase type pink container that is beautifully styled with a unicorn face, white with multi-coloured mane and horn. Stars and hearts surround the unicorn. Suitable for children from the age of three years and older.

A lovely crafty set for little ones between the ages of five and ten years old. Made from ceramic, each tile measures approximately forty five millimetres length by width. The tiles are white and blank on arrival with a magnetic adhesive backing. Along with the tiles are paints and stencils so that the young one can put their own unicorn flare on the tiles with some help from the stencils.

A play set that will allow the little one to roleplay, this set includes two unicorns, two baby unicorns, a dummy, two hair brushes and a bottle of perfume. One unicorn is pink, whilst the other purple with long mans and a cute design on their sides. The baby unicorns are blue and the other pink and all accessories pink. It comes attractively packaged in a pink and transparent cardboard box.

For unicorn fans of all ages, this is a throw that can be worn, keeping the wearer warm and cosy. The primary colour of the throw is grey with lots of green stars and moons that will light up when the light goes off! The wearable throw comes with the obligatory horn! The size of the throw is just under one hundred and thirty centimetres wide by a length just over one hundred centimetres.

This gift will make a wonderful addition to the young girls’ art and craft set. With this set is the outline of a unicorn sized 40 cm high with a width of 30.5 cm, lots of diamantes, adhesive and a tool to help affix the diamantes. The idea is for the young girl to affix all the diamantes to the unicorn picture which when finished will be a work of art and ready to be affixed to the wall in full view.

A charming water bottle that will perhaps encourage the little one to drink more in between a hectic schedule of play and fun. Unicorn themed, the bottle is a mix of purple, pink and blue colours. At the bottom of the bottle is a cute little face whilst at the top a horn with the obligatory ribbon all in black. In the middle sections of lots of individual unicorns in different poses and wording such as,’ magical.’

Every girl needs diamonds but in the shape of a unicorn is just, the best! Included in this set is a necklace with pendant and bracelet. The pendant is a silver shaped unicorn with silver coloured diamantes for the body with purple for its tail and a mix of purple, pink, blue and green for its horn. The bracelet is in a charm theme with rainbows, hearts, pink and purple charms and of course a unicorn.

Gorgeous unicorn themed earrings for pierced ears. Made from a sparkly grey metal material, these earrings are in the shape of a unicorn in a standing pose, tail, mane and horn all included. The earrings come packaged in a white presentation box with the brand name, Heather Needham and type of material used for the earrings on the front of the box in turquoise. Ever more gorgeous in flesh.

The ultimate gift for the unicorn superfan. For the little girl who loves unicorns this onesie in the design and colours of the unicorn will be the best gift. Available in sizes for children ages between three years and fourteen years old, the material used is similar to that used in making soft toys. With the hood including a gold horn and unicorn face, the main body has a star pattern in multicolours including blues, red and purple.

A very messy unicorn gift perfect for little hands! In a pink-purple coloured plastic container, there are sludgy items, sparkly items, adhesives, sweet smelling items, colouring items and essentially everything to make unicorn slime, made from child safe materials! Suitable for children aged seven years and older, this set will keep the young one and their siblings or friends amused for hours.

A stylish watch with a unicorn design. This electronic watch, made from stainless steel, shows the day, time and whether morning or afternoon. Suitable for children aged three years old, this watch has a purple strap with embellishments featuring unicorns with white heads, a red horn, purple mane and multicoloured rainbow behind in the background. The watch face is purple with lighter purple digits.

A wonderful addition to the unicorn loving youngster’s bedroom. This three-dimensional lamp illustrates a flying unicorn with wings outstretched. The young girl can choose from a variety of colours for the light to portray and along with a choice of modes. The base of the lamp is white and comes with a device that can remotely change the colour scheme and mode. There are two methods to give power to this lamp.

This gift will be loved by the youngster aged four and older who loves unicorns. With a hugemongous three hundred and seventy pieces that can be affixed, there is everything in this kit to make up to ten different jewellry items both necklaces and bracelets. The jewellery created can be purple, pink, blue or multicoloured, with charms or without charms and of course unicorn charms.

A gorgeous gift set for either a Christmas or birthday present. Included in this set is a gym styled bag, a case to store make-up, jewellery and a neck protector. The pattern is unicorns on a mix of purple and pink pastels background colours. The jewellery includes a charm styled necklace, two dangly earrings, a charm type bracelet and two rings. Perfect for unicorn fans everywhere aged between three and eight years old.

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