33 Yankee Candle Present Sets - Suitable for All

Updated on August 5th, 2021
By Louise
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Whatever the occasion a gift of Yankee candles says it all. Yankee candle gift set are a welcome gift for loved ones whether they love candles or even in those situations where you are not sure what to get someone. You will not go wrong with these trademark candles. But not just candles, but wax melts, diffusers, scents for the car and charms to match, and candle holders and burners of all designs. And of course, different types of candles whether your loved one’s preference is the tea light, the new Votive style and standard choices of candles. Whatever your loved one would enjoy we have the candle or candle related accessory for you.

33 Gift Ideas for Yankee Candle Fans

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The ultimate beautiful Yankee candle gift set! Placed in a gorgeous blue grey coloured container that can be reused, the contents include three candles with a variety of different fragrances. Also included are twenty luxury chocolates and some synthetic neutral coloured Roses and greenery. This cream and gold themed gift comes delivered in a box with beautiful blue and white floral internal design.

A set of an incredible ten candles, each with their unique fragrance. Scents include Jasmin, Vanilla Lime and Black cherry with a scent for every occurrence. The weight of this gift is six hundred and sixty grams with each candle weighing fifty grams that comes individually wrapped. The dimensions of this gift set are thirty six centimetres long by twenty two centimetres high with a depth of seven centimetres.

A fantastic gift for the loved one at Christmas time. This Yankee candle gift set includes five candles and twelve mini candles with a burning time ranging from a whopping ninety hours to six hours. Each candle has a Christmas themed scent such as Spiced Apple. This delicious candle gift set is sent in a cardboard box decorated with a variety of illustrated Christmas trees in red and green with a photo of all the items included on the front.

A gorgeous scented Yankee candle that with a floral and spice scent and that is called ‘Angel Wings.’ This large sized candle can burn for a whopping nine thousand minutes and measures one hundred and seventy millimetres high with a diameter of one hundred millimetres. It weighs six hundred and twenty three grams. The candle itself is white in colour in a clear glass with a label featuring an illustration of angel wings.

Another huge candle with a divine fragrance. This candle has a Jasmin scent. The candle is in a transparent jar made from glass and features a stick-on piece of paper, with an illustration of the Jasmin plant with white flowers on a dark blue background. The name of the brand and of the scent are shown on the front with a gold border. A lovely gift for your friend or family member who appreciates a gorgeous smelling candle.

A bumper pack of Yankee candles with a total of thirty six tea lights. You will receive three sets of tea lights containing twelve tea lights each and the candles sent could be any scent. This set could make lots of little gifts, perhaps for a friend who has had a bad day or in celebration of a family members good news and will always be on hand no matter the event. Each tea light can burn for approximately five hours.

Another sweet smelling large Yankee candle to keep the environment nicely fragranced. This particular fragrance is called ‘Clean Cotton,’ and consists of a floral and fruity scent. The candle itself is white in colour and has an image of a clothes line with clothes that have just been washed hanging from the line along with a white fence, grass and trees in the background.

The perfect Yankee candle gift set for the one who loves everything candles at Christmastime! Within this set you will find a mid-size and smaller sized candle with six votive candles. Votive candles require their own container to burn safely which you will also find in this set along with a tool to cut the wick and an item to put on top of the burning candle that moderates the burn flow. All this in a wonderful Christmassy style presentation box.

A different type of scented gift from Yankee Candle. This diffuser has the fragrance of freshly cut roses. The container is made from glass with a timber type product at the opening which looks very stylish. it contains one hundred and twenty millilitres of fragrance and comes with ten sticks, also made from a timber product, for diffusing the scent. The box it comes in is very pretty featuring roses.

This is truly an exquisite gift and is absolutely gorgeous. This large candle looks different from the normal Yankee Candle design with a clear glass featuring a pretty pink and green floral pattern. There is a gold lid that also doubles as a mat. This large candle stands at one hundred and fifty millimetres high with a diameter of one hundred millimetres and a weight of six hundred grams.

A very pretty gift for burning wax melts. With a mosaic design there is a place for the candle to sit at the bottom of the burner with an opening so that the burner can be put in place. On the top is an indented area where the wax melt will sit and melt away. The colours of the mosaic appear multicoloured with a metallic sheen. Standing at one hundred and forty millimetres high with a width of one hundred and ten millimetres.

A wonderful gift to compliment the Yankee Candle, this set combines an item where the candle can sit on and a top to diffuse the light produced from the flame of the candle. Handcrafted this elegantly designed set are made from a reflective hard material and comprise of a mosaic section and other textured part that merge. Both parts are neutrally coloured and shiny.

These Yankee Candle wax tarts are also known as wax melts. You will receive a random assortment of five wax melts or ten if you choose the double pack. Fragrances that could be sent include ‘French Vanilla,’ ‘Fresh cut roses,’ ‘Mango Peach Salsa,’ ‘Pineapple Cilantro,’ ‘Black Cherry,’ ‘Midnight Jasmine,’ ‘Clean Cotton,’ ‘Vanilla cupcake,’ and ‘Lemon and Lavender.’ Each melt weighs just under one hundred grams.

A gorgeous set to gift your friend or family member. This set includes three Yankee Candle votives, a type of candle that does not generally come with a container allowing you to choose one yourself. In this set the scents included are ‘Black Cherry,’ ‘Vanilla Cupcake,’ and ‘Pink Sands,’ with every candle giving approximately fifteen hours of delicious scents. The presentation box has a mix of different pink tones and gold triangles.

A very pretty burner for wax melts and essential oils. The bottom of the burner is made from a metal looking material and is black in colour with a plate that the burner sits on and four swirly stands that attach the burner section to the plate. The birner part is in the shape of flower head with petals and is white. This burner is nearly sixteen centimetres high and is great quality and easy to clean.

The perfect complimentary gift to go alongside the wax burner. A whopping twenty four Yankee Candle wax melts with fragrances such as ‘Cinnamon Stick,’ ‘Fluffy Towels,’ ‘Soft Blanket,’ ‘Passion Fruit Martini,’ ‘Red Raspberry,’ ‘Peony,’ and ‘Lemongrass and Ginger.’ They come delivered in a cardboard box but are each stored individually to keep them in place and wrapped individually so as not to compromise the scent.

A very unique wax melt, maybe as an add on gift to a burner, perhaps from the choices we have laid out, or stocking filler. This wax melt emits a gorgeous Coconut scent. The wax melt itself is black in colour. The circular wax melt measures fifty millimetres in width with a depth of ten millimetres. The name of this wax melt is, ‘Black Coconut.’

A different type of gift from Yankee Candle. This gift is a very cute charm that fits on a circular holder you can also get from Yankee Candle and that can fit nicely on a freshener in your car. It has the word ‘love’ in joined up writing. There are a number of other charms you can choose from including a cupcake, a high heeled shoe, boat, snowman, wine glass and the word ‘imagine.’

A gorgeous big sized Yankee candle that is a very different candle in design to the standard Yankee Candle. This candle is white on the outside with gold writing on the front of it depciting the brand name, fragrance name, and weight. On the back of the jar is an overview of the fragrance and its deeper meaning. The candle has a gold lid. This Yankee candle was their prestigious scent of the year for 2019.

A lovely gift for a friend or relative who loves to burn wax melts. This ethnic styled burner is primarily black with a white textured pattern. The burner measures one hundred and thirty five millimetres high with a maximum width of one hundred and ten millimetres and when delivered weight over half a kilogram. A gorgeous, well made burner which can be gifted on its own or alongside some wax melts.

An exquisite and delicate candle holder from Yankee Candle. This candle holder simply goes over the top of your favourite Yankee Candle to create a different ambience. The holder is made from traditional transparent hard material with silver coloured illustrated branches coming up from the bottom of the holder. The candle holder measures one hundred and seventy millimetres tall with a diameter of one hundred and forty millimetres.

A ready packed gift set to give your loved one, this Yankee Candle gift set contains two mid size candles. The fragrances included in this set will remind you of market days with the ‘Farmer’s Market,’ scent with fruits and spices and then the ‘Treehouse memories,’ which has a more earthy scent. Both jars feature warm colours, oranges and brown and come in a box with a peach colour and a transparent front.

This a lovely present to give your friend or loved one who you know uses candles on a regular basis. This gift set includes a plate that the candle can sit on and a top for the candle to improve the burning experience. The topper sits on top of the candle. The design of this set is a white plate with speckled black bits and a black outer rim. The top part is transparent with a black rim along the bottom.

A gorgeous styled Yankee Candle in their largest size. This Yankee Candle is the beautifully scented ‘Passionflower.’ The style of the glass jar is transparent aside from the centre on the front of the jar where a floral pattern is situated with pink, yellow and blue flowers and red berries. The gold coloured lid doubles up as a mat for the bottom of the candle when it is burning to protect the surface.

A very unusual Yankee Candle design that is a limited edition. This Christmas themed Yankee Candle will make a wonderful gift for Christmas. The packaging is green, whilst the candle is a grey metallic colour with a scent of a tree that is associated with Christmas. This candle weighs nearly two hundred grams. You can also choose to have this gift, gift wrapped so it is ready to send.

A candle that is the largest of the Yankee Candle range, this candle is the delicious ‘Water Garden,’ fragrance. The candle measures one hundred and seventy five millimetres tall with a diameter of one hundred millimetres and weighs six hundred and twenty three grams. The candle is blue with a label showing a rockery, with water and flowers and looks very cute. A great gift for the person in your life who appreciates candles.

A super exciting candle that combines both the loved Yankee Candle and the Unicorn! This candle is obviously pink and features a white unicorn with a white horn and pink coloured mane against a galaxy styled background. This candle is called, ‘Unicorn Dreams,’ and is mid sized and is described as smelling gorgeous and of vanilla, candy floss and bubblegum. One perhaps for the teenager or friend who loves Unicorns.

A super size Yankee candle for your loved to bring the seaside to their living room. This candle is greige in colour and depicts rocks and sticks synonymous with the beach on the label that is outlined in gold. The name of the candle, ‘Seaside Woods,’ and the brand name also complete the label design. This candle will bring joy to the person that you gift it to.

A scent for your favourite person’s car with an exciting angle! This fragrance comes with a circular metal piece that can be affixed to the interior of the car, maybe by the mirror. Also included is a fragrance locket which releases the fragrance over time and a spare one to use once the original has finished. A gorgeous charm completes this set. You can also buy additional charm to make the bracelet unique.

A delicious set of tea lights. This pack of tea lights consists of twelve tea lights, packaged in an attractive looking box. The presentation box measures fifteen centimetres length by depth with a width of twelve centimetres and weighs just under two hundred and fifty grams. The tea lights are cream in colour with the fragrance of honeycomb. Each tea light can burn for approximately five hours.

An attractive holder for the Yankee Candle votive styles candles. As this type of candle does not come with its own container, this would make the perfect choice. The holder is in a mosaic type design with individual diamond shapes in blues, purples, browns, greens to name a few. Once lit up by the candle, this burner comes to lifeĀ  with the most gorgeous colours.

A simple yet no less attractive designed wax melt burner. This Yankee Candle white burner has a teardrop styled opening where you can place the tealight and area on top for the wax melts to go. The burner measures one hundred and twenty nine millimetres tall with a diameter of between one hundred and eleven and one hundred and fourteen millimetres. A great gift with a gift of wax melts or on its own.

A gorgeous Electric oil burner. This oil burner is white with a two tone purple tiling, with a light purple and darker purple although colour may turn more pink when being used, that goes around the centre of the electric burner. The burner measures one hundred and forty five millimetres high with a diameter of one hundred and two millimetres. It weighs six hundred grams and uses the standard UK plug.

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