33 Gift Ideas for People Who Love Beer

By Louise
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There are many people that enjoy a beer or two on occasion or maybe more often. It can be nice to give people who enjoy beer a beer related gift when it comes to an occasion when you want to give them something. However, it is not always easy to know what to give them though, which will be unique and something that they will like, especially if you are not a beer drinker yourself. We have put together a list of items that we feel might appeal to those that love beer, so that you can get inspiration for a great gift.

33 Presents for Beer Drinkers

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This is a fun beer bottle opener. It is in the shape of Thanos’s glove or gauntlet in a copper colour with the coloured crystals in the back of the hand. It is a fun themed gift and will look great as well as be handy too. A great gift idea for a fan of The Avengers 4 who also like bottled beer. Is a good price and therefore makes a great gift to add in with something else or for someone who is a on a small budget.

This is a selection of different beers. They all come from Samuel Smith brewery which is Yorkshire’s oldest, so you know you will be getting experience. There is a big range of different ales and stouts with some interesting flavours such as: chocolate stout, cherry beer, raspberry beer, wheat beer and oatmeal stout. A gift message can be included as well, if you wish to send it directly to the recipient.

This is a mixed pack of beers from Brewgooder. There are 12 x 330ml bottles in the pack and these include 4 cans of clean water lager. 4 cans of moyo juice mango and passionfruit pale ale and 4 cans of chilloozy session IPA. The profits from this company all go towards providing clean and safe drinking water in Malawi. They are sent with free delivery in a branded box so all ready to wrap up.

This is a beer making kit. It is an Oktoberfest style and has all the equipment and ingredients to make beer apart from purified water. It takes just ten minutes to prepare the ingredients and with full instruction it is easy as well and is therefore ideal for beginners to have a go at. It comes with a keg and is all ready in seven days. Comes with free delivery.

This is a beer keg for parties. It is Flensburger Pilsener which is a German beer and the mini cask contains five litres of beer in it. It is a crisp, dry and hoppy beer with caramel notes and hints of lemongrass with a malty nose and a hint of grain, nuts and grass, which is light and easy to drink. A fun gift for someone having a party or with a big family.

This is an Oktoberfest decoration which is a poster. It is a street scene with traditional houses on a cobbled street with a floral display in the middle and a bright blue sky. It is 70.8 x 43.3 inches in size and is made of durable and lightweight polyester. It can be folded for storage and easy transportation, is washable and tear resistant. It comes with a 20ft string so that it can be hung up more easily using the copper grommets. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

This is a collection of 6 x 350ml bottles of beer. The beer is a session pale which is low alcohol at 2.1% and is also suitable for vegans. It has a juicy bitterness with a balanced tropical finish and is low in calories as well. It has a big flavour as it is brewed with more ingredients and for longer. It is sustainably brewed and the company uses less water than other typical brewers.

This is a stainless steel cartridge flask made by Jack Pyke of England, which comes in a choice of green or black with a gold top. It is made from stainless steel and has vacuum insulated walls. It has a press button pourer. It has an anti glare finish so looks elegant and holds either 500ml or 750ml. Is a good size for taking out and about to hold any drink.

This is a beer tap by Richard Bergendi. This is a black edition and is a home draught beer pump. It allows you to be able to pour the perfect beer and to turn your can of beer into a draught beer using innovative technology. It takes cans of 330ml, 440ml and 500ml and so fits most sizes. Takes 2 x AA batteries and provides a great frothy beer every time.

This is a mix of different bottles by Hobson. There are eight bottles in total in two packs of four. Each bottle is 500ml and there is a pale and golden ale pack and a taster pack, so you get shropstar crisp pale ale, old prickly, town crier and twisted spired in one box and shropstar, town crier, the manor and postman’s knock in the other.  Award winning ales which come with free delivery.

This is a beer keg refrigerator. It is black in colour and has four casters on it, so it can easily be moved around. It takes standard barrels up to 50 litres and helps to keep it fresh for up to three months. There is an easy connection, so that you can get started quickly. It comes with shelves so you can put them in to store cans or remove them to put in a keg, alternatively have part shelves and part used for a smaller keg.

This is a beer glass. It is a see through glass which holds 0.5 litres and has a slim design. On the glass it has a badge at the top in white, blue and red with Erdinger Weissbrau on it.  At the bottom there is a picture of Jurgen Klopp having a drink from this glass and it says underneath ‘Weissbier ist Wochendede’. It comes in a branded box so it is easy to wrap up as a gift.

This is a really different item. It is a make your own beer mug set. It is basically a plastic mould which you fill with water to make a beer mug out of ice. It comes with instructions and will allow you to be able to make a set of unique and fun glasses, which will keep everyone’s beer super cool. It is a fun novelty gift which is easy to use and very effective and fun.

This is a fun scratch off bucket list for beer. It is a poster with lots of scratch off squares. Each square is a specific beer and the idea is that as you try each one you scratch it off the poster.  It will help beer lovers to enjoy all sorts of different beers and try ones that they may never have heard of before. Great for anyone that likes to try new drinks and enjoys their beer.

This is a Moligh doll snorkel which is a beer dispenser and it comes in green. It fits on all sizes of beer bottle and it is for use at parties or even at restaurants or when travelling. It is 26cm long and is a fun thing to try out. It could make a unique and fun gift for anyone that is a big fan of drinking beer that they might not have seen before.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt which comes in a selection of colours such as: navy, yellow, white, black, grey, red, maroon, khaki, dark grey, royal blue, sky blue, stone blue and chocolate brown and says on it ‘It’s beer O’clock’ and the word beer is written in green and looks like a digital clock display. Comes in sizes small – 5XL. It has a regular fit with a club collar and is made from cotton.

This is a beer pong game. It is a foldable table which is 240cm long, 70cm high and 60cm wide and folds up to become a carry case. It can used inside or outside and is made from aluminium which is lightweight and durable. It is easy to wipe with the microfiber cloths provided and is waterproof. It has a fun design on it as well, which looks like a playing card with the cup places marked on it. Has free delivery.

This is a special CO2 regulator for a beer keg. It has a double gauge and is designed for bars and tasting rooms as well as restaurants, but could be used at home too. It works with any CO2 tanks that has a CGA-320 valve and has two gauges on it, which are easy to read. One lets you know how much pressure is in the keg and the other lets you know how much CO2 is left inside the CO2 tanks.

This is a selection of craft beers from the Clan brewing company. The box contains 4 x 330ml cans and they are spruce ale, golden ale, red rye ale and imperial stout. It is a lovely gift set and each ale is different in flavour and they are matured in single malt whiskey casks in Scotland for great flavour. They are aged for a long period of time for full flavour. If Whiskey related gifts are of interest, check out our Jack Daniels gifts. we have plenty of choice for whiskey fans!

This is a case of Manchester Breweries ale and lager. It includes cans and bottle of Seven Brothers cast off pale ale 440ml, Brightside lager 330ml, Shindigger Session 440ml, First Chop MCR Modern Manchester bitter 330ml, Runaway Brewery pale ale 330ml and Alphabet Juice Springsteen 330ml, Squawk Co Passer IPA 440ml, Betnikz Boardwalk pale ale 440ml and a Beerhunter Schooner glass. There are also two other selections available if required.

This is a fun pair of socks which are white and on the bottom of them they say ‘If you can read this’ on one sock and ‘bring me a ‘ on the other with a picture of a tankard of beer. The print is in yellow, but there is a yellow on black option available as well. The print is made from a non-slip material so they are safe to wear on hard floors and they can be washed easily in the washing machine. They are one size and they come in a beer tin packaging.

This is a beer funnel with a valve on the end. It is a red funnel with a tube and valve at the end to be used for games and parties. It holds a lot of your chosen drink in the pipe and even more funnel. It is made of high quality plastic, so it will not bend while it is being used. It has a high quality tap which will not leak while it is being used. The funnel is large so it is easy to pour the drink into it.

This is a fun game. It is a beer game, and there is a beer bottle opener at the top and the cap then rolls down the board and falls into one of the six slots. Each slot has a challenge written on it – single shot, dare me, double shot, down yours, truth time, down theirs. Great fun for parties and it can be mounted to the wall using brackets. It is 53cm tall and 33cm across.

This is a beer bottle shaped display for beer caps. Anyone that collects beer caps will be able to display them on the wall using this wooden beer bottle shaped item. It has spaces drilled in it to place the caps which they have collected. In the centre where the bottle label would be it says ‘ Est [date] Dad’s beer’ (or any other personalised message and underneath you can put a message too. There is space for over 40 bottle caps.

This is a personalised beer mat which can go on a bar. It says on it ‘Welcome to {your wording] established [date]’ and it is printed in white on a wood look background. It is actually made from polyester with a rubber backing, so it stays securely in place and keeps the glasses and bottles from slipping around. It measures 450mm x 250mm and can be wiped clean and is machine washable.

This is a set of four beer glasses. They are German tankard style, so have a handle and a simple design so look good and are easy to use. They are unusual too and therefore will add a different touch to any party, gathering or bar area. They hold 2 pints and have a width of 10.5cm not including the handle with a height of 20cm. There are 4 in the pack and they come with free delivery as well.

This is a beer glass that can be engraved. It is a tankard style glass so it is sturdy with a handle and you can have any message engraved on it, to make it really special to give as a gift. It holds 500ml and is 120mm high and 135mm wide and comes in a gift box with a window, so the recipient will be able to see the engraving through it.

This is a pack of 24 cans of Amstel beer. It is alcohol free 0% alcohol beer and it comes in a pack of cans which are wrapped together. Each can is 0.33l and they are all the same. The bundle comes delivered free of charge and would make a great gift for someone that likes the taste of beer, but does not want the alcohol content to go with it.

This is a beer holster. It is made from leather and can be slipped onto a belt, so that it hangs on the waist and is there to hold a beer bottle or can. It measures 23cm in height, is 9.5cm wide at the bottom and is slimmer at the top. It is a handy way to carry a drink without having to use your hands, so useful for when on the go or at a party.

This is a Hawaiian style shirt with a beer bottle, can and glass design on it. The shirt comes in red, orange, green, purple, blue and pink with a background of flowers, leaves and parrots but with a bright print with the beer design. It comes in sizes small to XXL and has short sleeves and buttons down the front. It has a loose fit and can be machine washed.

This is a fun beer o’clock coaster. It has a black background and white writing on which looks like chalk on a blackboard. It says on it ‘Tick Tock beer O’clock!’ and it also has a picture of a stop watch and a beer glass. It is 100mm x 100mm and is made from melamine with a cork backing, so it is non slip and will not damage the surface that it is on. It is made in the UK.

This is an apron and on the front it says ‘This guy needs a beer apron’ with thumbs pointing upwards towards the wearer. It comes in black with white print or white with black print. It is one size with a 23.6 inch width and 33.5inch length and has ties each side to make it easy to fit around most waists. It can be washed in the washing machine and is made from 100% absorbent cotton twill material.

This is a novelty Oktoberfest apron. It has a printed pattern showing a traditional Bavarian outfit with the pinafore check dress, white blouse and waist apron on top. It is 20 x 27 inches in size and is made from waterproof polyester and fits most people. It will not fade and can be washed in the washing machine so can be kept clean and reused lots of times.  It is suitable for all sorts of uses both inside and outside.

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