28 Gift Ideas for Your Best Man

Updated on January 28th, 2021
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It is always really nice to be able to give a gift to the best man at your wedding, so that you can thank them for the help that they have given you. It is not always easy to know exactly what to choose for them though, as you will find that there is quite a few things to choose from but perhaps not quite the right thing. This is why we have put together this list of items in order to inspire you. We hope that you will find some useful ideas in the list, as we have tried to choose a variety of items, which will enable everyone to find the right thing. We have also picked things at different prices, so that you will be able to find something that will work for your budget.

28 Presents for Your Best Man

This is a stylish personalised hip flask. It is an elegant black colour with ‘Bestman’ written on it in white, with a space for a name and date underneath that you can choose. It is laser engraved and comes with two cups and a funnel, so it is really easy to fill it up and drink from. It is made from stainless steel and measures 11cm x 9.5cm x 3cm in size.

This is a heavy glass tumbler which can be personalised. It is laser engraved and you can choose the initials to have put on the top and below it says ‘Best Man’. It is a 260ml tumbler so works for all sorts of drinks. It comes in a free gift box which is also personalised with the same design as the glass, and so it will make a really lovely item to present as a thank you gift.

This is a 10oz white mug which has black, high quality printing on it. It says ‘Thank you for being our Best Man’ with an elegant series of swirls underneath and a top hat on it. It is a useful gift to give, as it will be something that they are very likely to use, but will also show how grateful you are for what they have done for you.

This is an engraved pint glass tankard. It can be personalised and says ‘[name] thank you for being our best man on our special day [brides name & grooms name] and date’. It has a heavy base and sturdy handle and comes in a gift box, which is lined with silk.  This looks top quality and therefore makes a really lovely keepsake gift to present to the best man as a lovely gift.

This is a lovely boxed set with a whiskey glass and coaster. The glass has ‘Best Man’ on it and the coaster is black with white writing which says ‘Best Man for a day best friend for life’. On the outside of the elegant looking gift box it says ‘Thanks for helping to make our day so perfect!’ and there is a picture of a top hat on it as well. If your best man is a Whiskey lover, you could also take a look at our Jack Daniels gifts page.

This is a pair of oval cuff links in a silver colour. The front is white with black writing in a fancy font which says ‘Best Man’. They are made from brass and measure 22 x 15mm and come in a box. A great gift to give to a best man to wear on the big day with his dress shirt. A good gift idea to give, as he may not otherwise have anything to secure his sleeves.

This is a survival kit in a can designed especially for a best man. It can be given before the day to help them out and as a thank you gift all in one. The can contains a selection of small items with a special laminated card, that explains the relevance of each of the items. There are various things like ‘gloves – an extra pair of hands to help you write the speech’, ‘string – for helping us tie the knot’ and ‘ marbles to lose instead of the rings’.

This is a heavy duty stainless steel bottle opener – which can be personalised. The idea is that a name is put on the top and underneath it says ‘Best Man’. On the back it says ‘Thank you for being part of our wedding day [name] & [name] with a date’. There is a choice to buy it with or without a gift box which is made from sturdy card with a polyester cotton insert.

This is a personalised silver coloured guitar plectrum. It is made from polished stainless steel and measures 30mm x 25mm and can be engraved with any message. It comes in a stylish presentation box with ‘the ‘Personal Picks’ branding on the top of it in an elegant black and white colour, which has a magnetic closure. Great for any best man that plays a stringed instrument such as: a guitar, ukulele or banjo.

This is a pocket watch which is engraved. On the case it says ‘Best Man for a day Best Friend for life’. It is an elegant silver colour and opens up to reveal a quartz movement watch. It comes with a 45cm steel chain attached. It comes in a Frederick James branded high quality gift box, so it looks lovely when you hand it over as a thank you gift.

This is a personalised model wedding car. You can choose the name, date and role to be put on to it and it is printed in white on the black car. The car is a fully licensed Lamborghini and it even comes with wedding ribbons on it. It is made from die cast metal and has a pull back and go option, which means it is a great gift for a child helper or any Best Man with a childish side!

This is a lovely keepsake box. It is made by Cinnamon Bay and it is a wooden box with a hinged, black lid, which says ‘The Best Man’ on it. It is ideal for filling with gifts or useful items for the Best Man. They could then use it to keep their cufflinks, speech etc in.  Or you could put some small thank you gifts inside to give to them after the event.

This is a tin which says on the lid ‘Best Man Tin * (*The rings, the speech, the button hole, the cufflinks & some sort of very strong alcohol’). It is white with metallic printing on it and a hinged lid and measures 21 x 16 x 7.5cm. You could give it to the Best Man filled with useful items or let them fill it up with the things they need.

This is an elegant gift bag. It measures 10 x 8 x 4 inches and is white with a ribbon handle, which is available in white, rose gold, pink or gold. There is writing on the bag in a colour to match the ribbon, which says ‘Thank you for being my Best Man’. The bags are perfect for putting gifts in for the Best Man and they can then keep them to remind them of the day.

This is a pair of black socks with ‘Best Man’ written at the top in white with a white box around. They are made from 80% cotton, 17% polyamide and 3% Elastane. They are suitable for UK shoe sizes 6-12, so will fit most men. They are a great idea to give to a best man, so that they have something suitable to wear on the big day, as well as a great thank you gift.

This is a set of special cards to invite people to take on roles at your wedding. On the front it says ‘Suit Up I need you’ and it has a picture of a suit on. Inside you are able to write a request to see if they will be able to help you out as a ‘Best Man, Page Boy, Usher or Groomsman’. They are 300gsm Ivory linen and come blank inside with a matching envelope.

This is a special label to attach to a beer bottle. It has a picture of a suit and says on it ‘Will you be my BEST MAN’ on it. It is printed on 135gsm glossy paper and is self adhesive and so really easy to stick on to a bottle. A fun way to request if someone will be willing to take on the job as best man at your wedding.

This is a fun print which can be personalised and given as a gift for a wedding helper. It has a space at the bottom to specify the role that they are in, as well as their name, as well as who it is from. It is particularly good for a younger helper, as it has some superhero pictures on it.  It is also a lovely way to thank them with a keepsake picture.

This is a cigar tube which is engraved with ‘Best man’ on one end of it. This will be a great gift for a best man that smokes and with a fine cigar inside it. It comes with a velvet pouch, which means that it is all ready to present to them as a really lovely thank you gift.  Also it is likely to be something that they will always treasure.

This is a fun book called ‘Being the Best Man for Dummies’. It is by Dominic Bliss and has all sorts of practical tips and advice, so could be a great thing to give to your Best Man when you invite them to do the job.  It has tips on: organising the stag do, wedding day responsibilities, speech writing, nightmares to avoid and how to dress. Could be a very welcome book, especially for someone that has not been a best man before.

This is a fun personalised plaque to give to someone when inviting them to be your best man. It has a rustic, wood effect backing and a picture of a suit and says ‘[name] suit up will you be best man [date]’. You can change the text to a ‘thank you’ message instead if you would rather. The sign is 14cm and square and has two holes with cord through, so that it can be hung up.

This is a special lined notebook. It is black on the front and says ‘Best Man Duties & Speech Notes’.  The book is 6 x 9 inches in size and has 100 lined pages, so plenty of room for planning out ideas and writing in the final speech. It can also be used to keep any other relevant wedding based information and notes, such as important dates, times and roles.

This is a book called ‘How to Make a Brilliant Best Man’s Speech Support the Groom from the Stag do to the Wedding’ by Philip Khan-Panni. The author is a professional speaker and so has plenty of wisdom to share on good speeches – including jokes, anecdotes and quotations and how to use them effectively. He also has a checklist and help tips for other duties that best men tend to take on.

This is an engraved glass plaque designed to be gifted as a thank you for a best man. It says ‘Best Man Thank you [name] for making our day so special [date]’ but it can have the details changed if you wish. It measures 90mm wide, 125mm high and has a stand, so that it can be easily displayed on a shelf. A sentimental way to thank someone special who has been a big help to you.

This is a leather bracelet which can be personalised. It has a stainless steel bar which can be engraved with a name of your choice and a steel clasp to fasten it. It is black leather and is 23.5cm, but can be cut to a smaller size if necessary. It can also have a role engraved on it such as ‘Best Man’. It comes in a gift box with a bow on, so it looks really special.

This is an engraved lighter. It has a top hat on it and underneath says ‘To our Best Man [name]’ with a date underneath. It measures 5.7 x 3.7 x 1.2cm and is a silver colour so it looks really smart. It makes a great gift for a best man that smokes as he can fill it with fluid to use it, or just put it on a shelf as a keepsake.

This is a silver coloured travel mug. It has a black base, handle and lid that are plastic so that they stay cool. The mug is 14oz and is made from stainless steel. It is 150mm high and 85mm in diameter. The lid is leak proof with a swivel feature to uncover the drinking holes. It says on it ‘Keep calm you’re the best man’ in green with a crown above.

This is a cushion cover in a natural cotton colour. On it, it says ‘World’s best Best Man* *superhero in disguise’ and there is a globe on it with some stars. It is 40cm x 40cm so it will fit a standard cushion and it is printed on one side. It comes without a cushion, so you can choose to put one in or give it without one, so they can place one of theirs inside.

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