32 Gift Ideas For Brother in Law That Will Impress The Family

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It can be pretty hard to think of original gifts for your brother-in-law. You may not know them that well and buying for men is always tricky anyway so you may be feeling a bit stuck. Hopefully our range of different gift ideas will help you to find something suitable. All the gifts have been picked because they have ‘brother-in-law’ written on them, they are unique or different or they just seem like the sort of thing that would really appeal to a lot of them. So, look no further for great ideas as you will hopefully find loads just here!

32 Presents for Brother in Laws

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This is a neat gift set containing golf markers. It is made up of a lovely hinged silver coloured tin with ‘brother in law’ on the top. Inside are 10 golf markers and these also have ‘brother-in-law’ on them. The markers are 24mm x 10mm and the tin is 82mm x 52mm x 19mm and so just a handy size to slip in the pocket to carry around the golf course. They even come with free delivery. You can also check out our golf gifts for men page for further ideas.

This is a brilliant present for a brother-in-law that loves to cook or bake. It is a full length apron made from 100% cotton and is 60cm x 84cm. The neck strap is 50cm and the waist tie length is 70cm so should be able to fit most people. It is white in colour and on the front has the words Brother-in-Law printed on the front at the top in black.

This is a canvas clutch bag or accessory case for a brother-in-law. It is 28cm x 19cm and made from 100% cotton canvas. It is printed on one side with ‘brother-in-law’ and has a zip closure. Could be used to store, phone, keys, wallet and things like this so they are all in one place in the house or to carry out with you. It could also be used to store art equipment, cables and technical equipment or even loose change.

This wooden bottle stopper will look really smart in any wine bottle. It is a T-shape cork stopper and has ‘brother-in-law’ printed on the top of it, making it a great idea for a gift. It is 19mmm in diameter at the smallest part and therefore suitable for using on a standard wine bottle. The top is 15mm in height and the diameter is 29mm and the plug is 20mm in height.

This grey towel is great for using on the golf course or in the gym. It has ‘Brother in Law’ printed on it and a metal ring with a carabiner in it. This allows the towel to easily be clipped to a belt, golf bag or something else so that it is always at hand when needed. It is 30cm x 50cm and made from 100% cotton which is super soft.

This high quality glass decanter is great fun because it is Star Wars themed. It is shaped like the head of a storm trooper. When filled with liqueur, wine or other beverages it really stands out and you can see the distinct shape. It has a 750ml capacity and a plastic cork in the top. It comes in a box so it safe when posted but also looks good when being given as a gift to a brother-in-law.

This selection of lagers is great for any brother-in-law that likes trying out different brands of drink. These are picked from different breweries from all around the world so they are all distinctly different (although there is an option to pick a Belgian or German selection). The bottles varies in size from 330ml – 500ml and the ABV content is from 4.3% to 5.2%.  They come packed in a sturdy plain box for safe postal transit.

This is an electric home alcohol still which is a great idea as a gift for a brother-in-law. It is designed to be really simple to use so is great for anyone that has not brewed alcohol before. You can use it to make whisky, wine and other alcohol based products such as ethanol or essential oils or even for distilling water or even hydrosols. It has an inbuilt, accurate thermometer to make getting the temperature right really easy.

This cheese making kit makes an original and unique gift for anyone. It comes in a presentation box so looks really great. It includes enough kit for over 20 different artisan cheeses and contains almost everything you need to make them. It includes a 70 page full colour recipe book, 2 cheesecloths, 3 moulds, herbs, spices and thermometer – enough to make 40 batches of cheese at home. Includes free delivery.

This alcohol distiller is available in a range of different sizes so that you can pick the most appropriate one for your brother in law. It can be used for many different things as well as brewing alcohol such as water distillation or as a hydrosol or to make essential oils. It has a built in thermometer and is made of stainless steel so that it is easy to use and very durable.

This is a BBQ basket which is a great gift for a brother-in-law that likes cooking outdoors. There is a choice of sizes so that you can pick the one that will fit best with his BBQ set up. It is a WolfWise brand and can be used to grill fish or meat, cook veggies and things like that making it easy to turn them over when cooking. It is made of stainless steel.

This professional quality HP Officejet Pro printer is great for a brother-in-law that likes to scan and print things such as photographs, documents or greetings cards.  It takes different sizes of paper for easy use and printing instructions can be sent from phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. It also has a coloured touchscreen on it for easy operation without a device. You can even scan to email. Comes with free shipping.

This novelty SafeCan looks like an everyday can but has a secret compartment for hiding novelties. There are different designs but this one looks like Heinz soup so you can keep it in your larder and no thief would notice that it was there. It can be used to store small items such as cash, keys or credit cards and is recognised by police as a safe way to store your valuables.

A fun, novelty gift for a brother-in-law with a sense of humour this BUTT tape dispenser will bring a comedic feel to any desk. The figure is sitting on the loo and holding a roll of Sellotape, with a pen in its mouth. There is also room behind to store post-its, paper clips and more pens most of which actually come with it. It even comes in a gift box which means it is all ready to give away.

If you give this mug to your brother-in-law he will be in no doubt as to what you think of him. It is a white mug and says ‘this is what an awesome brother-in-law looks like’ in black ink with an arrow pointing upwards. It is a 10oz mug and is dishwasher and microwave safe. Carefully packed for transit this could make both a practical and fun gift for a brother-in-law with a sense of humour.

This short-sleeved cotton t-shirt is a practical and funny gift for any brother-in-law. It says on it ‘this is what an amazing brother-in-law looks like’ and has thumbs pointing upwards towards the wearer. It is available in black, red or blue and in sizes small – XX large. It is fully machine washable and can be ironed so easy to look after as well. This quality t-shirt is made by Click My Clobber.

This grilling barbecue tool set comes in a practical bag to not only keep the tools together but to present them well when giving as a gift. Inside there is a 2 prong fork, a spatula and a pair of tongs. They are made of stainless steel so very durable and have long handles to keep hands well away from the flames. The handles are smooth for a comfortable grip and have a hanging loop.

This cotton wine bottle gift bag has ‘Brother-in-Law’ written on it and is great to use when gifting a bottle of wine. It can hold a single standard wine or champagne bottle up to 1.5 litres. The bag is a high quality, 100% cotton bag which measures 9cm x 25cm with short carry handles. Made from strong canvas it is heavy duty so can be reused for picnics or supermarket shopping.

This boxed gift set is a must for any brother-in-law that loves coffee. It contains two packs each of five different single estate speciality coffees. The coffee is suitable for pour over, steeping or cold brew techniques so no special equipment is needed. Each is in a single serving bag containing 20-22g coffee grounds which is portable for use inside and outside of the house. A great way to try different coffee flavours.

This scrumptious jar of old-fashioned sweets would make a great gift for a brother-in-law with a sweet tooth. There are 1.6kg of sweets in the jar which includes a big variety of retro types such as mushrooms, bananas, jellies, fried eggs and shrimps. Great to sit on a desk at work or by the sofa to enjoy while working or relaxing. The sturdy jar can be reused afterwards for storing all sorts of treasures.

This humorous gym or kit bag will put a smile on the face of any brother in law. The bag has ‘world’s okayest brother in law’ printed on it in white. There is a choice of colours such as black with fuchsia handles, navy with off white handles and black with black handles. The bags have a 20 litre capacity and are suitable for carrying sports kit, gym equipment or anything else to keep things tidy and easy to carry.

This is a lovely gift for a future brother-in-law to celebrate them being part of the family. It is an insulated travel mug with a 14oz capacity. It is printed on both sides and has a stainless steel body as well as insulated handle and non spill lid. A useful reusable gift which is designed for anyone who cares about the environment.

This quirky wood look plaque is a brilliant way to show how much you appreciate your brother-in-law. Whether they have helped you out a lot lately, or are just overall a great person – giving them this will show them that you have noticed. The plaque says ‘world’s best brother in law’ on it and has a red heart either side. Can be hung up or propped on a shelf or desk. .

This contemporary look birthday card says ‘fantastic brother in law’ on the front in embossed gold coloured lettering. It has a blue background with a pattern of white spots. Inside is blank for your own message. It measures 16.2cm by 13.5cm which is a standard UK letter size for posting. The card is from the Hallmark Studio and comes with a co-ordinated branded envelope. This striking and simple design will really stand out.

This is a fun storage tin designed for men. The tin is a silver colour with ‘Man Tin’ printed on it in blue foil and other writing in black. It says ‘man tin’ around the base and on the top says ‘(leads, screws & other pointless stuff I must keep). The tin is 75 x 155 x 205mm and made by The Bright Side. The tin could always be filled up with gifts before giving it away, perhaps with sweets, chocolate, cookies, cables, gift vouchers etc

A great gift for an avid reader, these birch bookmarks will ensure everyone knows who they belong to. Engraved with ‘brother in law’ they are cut from sustainable wood. There are three different shapes with them all being rectangular but with either a flat, rounded or pointed top, Each has a hole drilled in it to thread a string through. They are 191mm high by 45mm wide and are 1.5mm thick.

This is a really handy garden stool in green. It is a folding seat but comes with an removable tool bag/side compartments to store things. So, you can put gardening tools such as trowel or hand fork, seeds, dibber and things like that in it. It allows you to sit while weeding or gardening to save you having to kneel or bend right down. It is lightweight, so easy to carry into the garden and move around.

These novelty spices are packaged in a beautiful way to make a brilliant gift for foodies. The spices come in test tube shaped containers with screw on lids in a lovely gift box. The tubes each contain a space blend with an African theme to add excitement to your meals. They include Atlantic smoked salt, Tunisian Harissa, East African curry, Cape Malay curry, Winelands sea salt, Egyptian Dujjah and African herb.

This cute tin is heart shaped and can be personalised to say ‘brother-in-law’. Pictures can also be put on it such as hearts, cake, bells etc to be used as a wedding gift and the date of the wedding can also be put on it. Inside it can be filled with mints or chocolates to give as a little thank you gift to your brother-in-law on your wedding day or as a favour.

This is a fun wine glass gift for a brother-in-law. It is 11oz and laser etched with ‘you are an awesome brother-in-law. Keep that s**t up’ with a thumbs up underneath. The glass has a volume of 11oz and can be used for whisky, wine or other drinks due to its tumbler shape. It is a great shape to ensure it is not easily knocked over so will not be broken and the etched message will not fade or wash off.

This drawstring bag can be used for all sorts of things such as gym kit or even carrying shopping. It comes in a selection of colours such as mustard, black, bottle green, bright red, burgundy, French navy, fuchsia or royal blue. It has wording on it which reads ‘I smile because you’re my brother in law I laugh because there’s nothing you can do about it’. A fun gift for any brother-in-law with a good sense of humour.

This refillable white lighter will show your brother-in-law that you are thinking of them every time they light up. With its sleek white body and the words ‘brother-in-law’ written on it they will be constantly reminded that this was a gift from you. It is slim and lightweight so will fit easily into the pocket. It has an adjustable flame and has a child resistant mechanism. It even comes with free delivery.

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