28 Gift Ideas for Drone Lovers - Phantom or Any Other Brands

By Louise
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There are lots of people that enjoy flying drones or like the idea of flying them. They are something that is growing in popularity as well and it is therefore likely that you will know someone that enjoys them. If this is the case then you may find this list really useful. It is a list of items which we feel anyone who loves drones will really like. We have put together a selection of different things which vary a lot and hope that this means that there will be bound to be at least a few things that will inspire you and allow you to find the ideal gift.

28 Presents for Drone Fliers

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This is a mini drone which has an HD camera attached to it. It can take really clear videos and photographs and it has smart voice control as well as gesture control.  It is a quadcopter which can be folded and has a flight time of up to 30 minutes when it is fully charged. It comes with a carrying case which means that it can easily be kept safe when transported and when not being used.

This is a t-shirt which says on it ‘I don’t just fly drones I crash them too’. And has a picture of a drone on it. It is available in sizes for children aged 2 – 12 years of age as well as for adults in size small – 3XL. It is short sleeved and comes in a selection of different colours such as black, navy, green, red and purple. It is made from cotton and polyester and so is soft and comfy to wear and easy to wash.

This is a mini drone designed for kids to use. It has bright LEDs so that it lights up when it is being flown. It has a protective circle around it so that the rotating blades do not hurt children as they play with it. It has a remote control and can do tricks such as flips and rolls. It is for indoor use and is lightweight and small so can easily be taken to different locations to play with.

This is a hi-vis jacket which is available in orange or yellow. It is sleeveless and has reflective strips on it and on the back says ‘drone pilot’ with a picture of a drone on it. It has a Velcro fastening and has black banding on the cuffs and neck so it has a professional look to it. It is made from polyester and is high visibility to keep the drone user really safe and easily spotted when they are out and about.

This is a Holy Stone drone which has a UHD camera. It is an easy GPS quadcopter designed for beginners to use it. It has 46 minutes of flight time, using two rechargeable batteries and an auto return home function. The camera is anti-shake so images will not be blurred even when it is moving and the pictures capture lots of detail. It can hover and works indoors or outdoors.

This is a hand held anemometer which is used to gauge wind speed. It also measures temperatures as well. It is a very useful tool for someone that has a drone as they will be able to use it to see whether the weather conditions will be suitable for flying in. Too much wind could mean that the drone will be buffeted about and will not be able to be easily flown or controlled.

This is a long sleeved sweatshirt which is black and has a white design on it showing a drone with the words ‘drone pilot’ underneath. It comes in sizes small – 2XL and has a club collar which is rounded. It is a loose fit and is made from a mix of cotton and polyester. This means that it will be soft and comfortable to wear but it will not stretch out of shape either. It can be cleaned in a washing machine as long as it is inside out.

This is an Arcade mini cage drone. It is a blue black colour and it has both flying and walking modes. It can bounce off walls and other objects without damaging it because of the cage that is surrounding it which also provides protection for the objects that get hit. It has a six axis gyroscope for 360 degree stunts and flips. It even has LED lights which light up as you fly. There are different speed settings too.

This is a drone landing pad. It is foldable and therefore portable and it has reflective strips on it. It is double sided and can be used for all drones. It is 80cm in size and means that you can easily land your drone without damaging it even if you are flying over uneven ground. It is made of premium nylon material which is lightweight and will not fade easily.

This is a fun pin badge. It is white and says ‘drone pilot’ on it with a picture of a drone above the writing, all in black. It is made of plastic with a sturdy metal backing and comes in different size options. You can choose between 25mm, 38mm and 50mm sizes so that you will be able to pick the size that is most appropriate. It can be pinned to clothing, hats, scarves or even bags.

This is a white mug which is made of ceramic and is 10oz in size. On it is printed a black and red picture of a drone and underneath it says ‘drone hero’ in black writing. The design is printed on both sides of the mug. It is dishwasher safe and therefore makes a really practical gift. It is something which everyone will use and the message will allow the drone user you have in mind to know how highly you think of them.

This is a pop socket for a mobile device. It is black with white print on which shows a picture of a drone and says ‘the Quadfather’ on it. It is a practical gift idea as it can be stuck to the back of a mobile device to make it easier to grip and to allow it to stand up for when you are using your device to view films or programs or to use video chat.

This is a baby vest which has short sleeves, no legs with a popper fastening underneath and an envelope neckline. It says on it ‘drone pilot’ with a picture of a drone on it and it is available in various sizes and colours. The sizes are for babies from newborn to 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12, 12-18 and 18-24 months of age. The colours include green, blue, white, red, pink, yellow and black. It is 100% cotton.

This is a baseball cap which is black and has ‘dji pilot’ printed on it with a picture of a drone underneath. It has a classic style and is made from a UA ultra-fine thread fabric. There is a built in sweat band which helps to keep the wearer cool. It is adjustable as well so fits most sizes of head. It is light and durable and therefore will last a long time and can be worn on lots of occasions.

This is a vest top which is sleeveless and has a picture of a drone and the words ‘drone pilot’ on it with a backdrop of an American flag. It comes in black, navy, royal blue and dark heather and in sizes small – XXL in fits suitable for both men and women. It is made of cotton and polyester and can be easily cleaned using a washing machine and tumble drier.

This is a board game called Drone Home. It is the first ever game that has a real drone in it. The idea is that you race to launch your aliens along the ramp and into the drone and once they are all inside it will take off and they will all flee to safety. It is fun and fast game where players will flick their aliens across the board hoping that they will settle in the drone so that it will take off with them in it.

This is a Dragon Touch drone which has a camera built in. It has a 120 degree wide angle HD camera which captures crystal clear aerial videos and photos with an adjustable viewing angle. It can instantly transmit the live video to your mobile phone. It is foldable and lightweight which means that it is really easy to transport to different locations. It can return home when instructed and can flip and has a gesture control for selfies as well.

This is a set of golf markers with a drone theme. They come in a gift tin which is silver in colour and has a picture of a drone printed on it in black. Inside there are 10 plastic golf markers which are white with the same black image of a drone on it. They would make a great gift for a golfer that also has a drone or is a big fan of drones. If they prefer golf, we’ve got a section catering to golf gifts only.

This is a drone pilots federation flag. It is a double sided flag which is black with white printing on it. It is 32 x 47cm in size and is made of polyester. The symbol is printed on using thermal transfer and it therefore is very bright and will not fade. It is rain resistant and durable, will not fade in the sun and is even washable. Comes without a flagpole.

This is a paperback or kindle book by Fergus Kennedy called ‘Drone Photography and Video Masterclass’. It is all about how to create the perfect shot. It has information on drone technology, flying skills, safety measures and legality but focusses more on the actual photography. It therefore has information on planning, composition, focus, lighting and exposure as well as how to achieve panoramic, overhead, 360 degree shots and how to master skills to get the best shots.

This is a book called ‘The Photographers Guide to Drones’ by Colin Smith. It has skills that are applicable to any type of drone or camera, including how to safely operate it and then how to take compelling photos and video. It explains how to fly, how to compose photos, how to create the best files, post processing techniques and it has lots of aerial photos to inspire the reader.

This is a DJI Mavic Mini which is an ultralight drone that is really portable. It has a battery life of thirty minutes and a transmission distance of 4km. It supports 12Mp aerial photos and 2.7K quad HD videos and there is a 3-axis gimble which is motorised and ensures smooth and stable footage. It has a remote control and there is a flight app with tutorial to get you started.

This is a book by Brian Halliday which is called ‘Drones: The Essential UAV Pilot’s Collection’. There are two books in one – ‘Drones: Mastering Flight Techniques’ and ‘Drones: How to Make Money’. The books are great for those new to drones as well as some with more experience. Not only is it about flying but also using the camera as well. The other book explains what careers drone flying could lead to.

This is a Fortnite FNT-119 battle bus drone. It is 5.1 x 15.2 x 10.2cm in size and it comes with a remote control. It has game authentic lights and sounds and was inspired by one of the most popular vehicles in the popular game of Fortnite. It comes with a 6-inch micro USB cable which means that it is really easy to charge up. It is an officially licensed product.

This is a Holy Stone HS510 SPS drone with 4K UHD camera which is suitable for beginners and more experienced fliers. It has a return home and follow me feature and can even be controlled using a phone. It has a brushless motor so is quiet and is maintenance-free. Comes with a carry case and can be folded so it is easy to store. Weighs less than 250g so does not have to be registered with the government.

This is a Potensic Dreamer GPS drone with 4K camera. It has 31 minutes flight time in a full charge which takes 2 hours. It has a brushless motor so that it is quieter and an auto return home function. It has a 4K camera which gives clear photos and a smooth video. It has anti-shake technology to help them to be better quality. Can fly at up to 10m/s.

This is a sleeping bag for kids with a picture of a drone and the words ‘drone pilot’ on it with a galaxy sky background. It is lightweight but very soft and comfortable. It can be easily rolled up and secured with hook and loop fastenings. It even has a carrying handle for taking it out and about. It measures 43 x 21 inches in size and is great for sleepovers and parties as well as daytime naps, camping and general playing.

This is a Hubsan Zino Pro GPS FPV foldable drone. It has a 4k camera with a 3 axis gimble. It is a portable device with a bag, two batteries, 3 pairs of propellers and a car charger. It has a panoramic photography option and image tracking as well as hyperlapse, panoramic photos, line fly, waypoints and other great features. It has 23 minutes of fly time on one charge of the battery.

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