29 Considerate Gift Ideas for Grandpa

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Men can be hard to buy for particularly Grandad’s who tend to have everything that they need or want as they have been around for so long! This is why we have put together this list of suggestions for you. We hope that the list has enough ideas in it to allow you to find something unique and original to give to your grandad. Whether you want something practical or fun, or something from you or your children, you should be able to find something here. There is a big range with different prices so hopefully you should easily be able to find something suitable.

29 Presents for Your Grandfather That He’ll Cherish

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This is a lovely mug to show how much you think of your Grandad. It is a white mug with a bold black and grey print. It says on it ‘The Greatest Grandad in the World. The design is printed on both sides of the mug which is microwave and dishwasher safe. It would make a lovely sentimental gift and comes in a polystyrene box to ensure it arrives in one piece.

This is a warm beanie style hat with ‘World’s Greatest Grandad’ on it. It comes in a choice of dark grey, bottle green or black and the wording is embroidered on it in white and orange. It is made of 100% acrylic and makes a fun gift which is also warm and very practical. Great for gardening, winter walks or general use to keep the head warm when it is cold.

This is a fun short sleeved t-shirt for a Grandad. It says on it ‘Grandad. The man. The myth. The legend’ in shades of white and grey. It is available in a choice of colours: black, navy, royal blue, brown, olive, dark heather, heather blue and orange and in sizes small to 3XL. It is a cotton and polyester mix fabric with a classic fit and crew neck that is suitable for washing in a washing machine.

This apron says on it ‘Stand Back! Grandad is Cooking!’ in bold white print. The apron comes in a choice of colours; black, blue and red. It has a pocket on the front and a tie waist so that it can fit lots of sizes. It is one size and is 33 inches tall and 23 inches wide. The fabric is a cotton blend which can go in the washing machine. Great for any grandad that loves to cook.

This book is called ‘Grandad’s Book of Crosswords’ and it is a selection of 100 mixed, novelty crosswords. It has different types of crosswords such as half-alphabet, jigsaw, ladder, just the once, word squares, pangram, star letter, triplet, anagram, A-Z puzzles, double definition, every letter counts, skeleton, spiral and vowelless. Lots of fun challenges printed on high quality paper which will provide many hours of fun and lots of mental stimulation!

This is a special memory journal called ‘Dear Grandad’. It has over 60 prompts so that Grandad can fill it in with his memories and stories and then give it back to the grandchild as a memory that they can keep. It has sections on school days, hopes for the future, becoming a grandad and all sorts of things that you may never have thought to have asked them but that will become very precious memories for the future.

This is a fun and practical tin. On it is says ‘Grandad’s Goodies tin’ and underneath it says ‘Greatest Grandad ever’. It has a hinged lid and it be used to gift things to grandad such as sweets, biscuits, mini bottles of booze or collectibles. The tin measures 21 x 16 x 7.5cm and is white with a blue pattern of sweets and biscuits and has writing in silver and black.

This is a lovely laser engraved pen which says ‘we [heart] grandad’ on it. It comes with a 100% cotton draw string pouch with the same printed design on it to store it in. The pen is a classic grey colour and has a retractable ball point. A useful present which will also show how much grandad is thought of, a sentiment which he will be reminded of each time that he uses his pen.

This is a ring bound book which has a kraft paper cover which says ‘Grandad’s book of jobs to do’. It is a great quality book which is hard backed and has white lined pages inside. Very useful for notes, lists, or to use as a diary or journal. It measures 26 x 18 x 4cm in size. You could even put some lists of jobs in for Grandad to do before you give it to him!

This is a novelty egg board. It is a wooden board in the shape of a piece of toast and has a hole in it to put an egg. On the board it says ‘A toast to an eggcellent granddad’. Not only is this a fun pun, it is a very useful gift and something original as well. It measures 24cm x 20cm x 1cm and is great for any grandad that loves a boiled egg and toast for breakfast or tea.

This is a fun wooden plaque which says on it ‘I am not retired I am a professional grandad’. It has holes in the corners into which is tied a twine, so that it can be hung up on the wall. It measures 17cm x 13cm and is a great fun gift to give to a grandad particularly one that is often with their grandchildren or asked to babysit or look after them a lot.

This is a special keyring which has ‘best grandad’ written on it. It is made from heavy duty metal and the pendant is rectangular with the words at the bottom and a textured top part made of leather. It comes in a presentation box which is black on the outside and blue velvet inside. Makes a sentimental gift which will be long lasting and it even has free shipping too.

This is a whiskey glass made by ‘The Kitchen Gift Company’ It says ‘Keep Calm Grandad and Drink Whiskey Vintage’. It has a heavy base and a delicate sipping rim for a great quality drink. It is 9.5 x 8cm so the perfect size for drinking whiskey from. It is supplied in a gift tube so there is no need to wrap it up.  Although if you do want to, it will be nice and easy!

This is a wash bag which says on it ‘Grandads wash kit’. It comes in a choice of black or tan and has a leather look to the outside. In side it has a pinstripe fabric lining and has interior pockets for easy organisation of items. It is 26 x 13 x 11cm and has a 3 litre capacity. It has vintage style metal fittings with a zip on the main compartment.

This is a chocolate selection box which is personalised. Inside the lid of the gift box it says ‘Happy Birthday Grandad’ and a personal message can be printed below. Inside there is a big selection of chocolate bars such as Aero, Picnic, Crunchie, Twix, Boost, Curly Wurly, Chocolate Orange bar, Dairy Milk, Flake, Kinder, Freddo, Kitkat, Twirl, Wispa, Turkish Delight and Fudge. The box is 34cm x 23cm x 2.5cm.

This is a fun cushion cover for a grandad with a sense of humour. It says on it ‘reserved for grandad’s arse’.  It is plain white and is 100% polyester so has a silky feel to it. They are 40cm x 40cm so should fit a standard sized cushion insert. The fabric is fully washable and the image will not come off when is washed. It even comes with free delivery.

These are lovely socks. They are ‘Extra Special Boofle Socks’ and are blue with white cuffs, heels and toes. On them is lots of stars and it also says ‘brilliant grandad’ and there is a big star picture with a cute cartoon dog in it’. They are size 8-11 in men’s shoes sizes and are 98% polyester and 2% spandex, so they are comfortable with some stretch. They are suitable for washing in a washing machine.

This is a funny sign to stick in a car. It is a bright yellow sign and says ‘Grandad’s taxi’ on it with a picture of a grey haired chap in a taxi on it. It has a suction cup on it so that it can attach to the window of the car. It warns other drivers that you have grandchildren in the car, which will hopefully encourage them to drive more safely.

This is a lovely De Waldon pocket watch which has ‘Grandad’ engraved on it. It is a high quality watch and it has a quartz battery movement. It is 45mm in diameter and silver in colour. It has a 350mm albert chain and clip included. The face is white with clear black numbers so it is easy to read. It comes in a presentation gift box, which makes a lovely keepsake gift.

This is a lovely wooden photo frame which will hold a landscape photo. Above the photo it says ‘To a special Grandad…’ and underneath it says ‘love you always’ with a heart. It will fit a 6 x 4inch photo  and is made from lovely light coloured wood. You can choose to put in a photo or leave it up to him to choose a picture that he would like to put inside it himself.

This is a coaster which says on it ‘World’s Greatest Grandad’ in writing which looks like it was done by a child.  A lovely gift from a young grandchild to their grandfather. It is 9cm x 9cm and is glossy so that it can easily be wiped clean. It has a hard back so that it is strong and does not slip or mark the surface it is on. It comes with free delivery.

This is a fun novelty keyring. It has two pendants on it. One is an engraved flat disc which says ‘Grandad’.  The other is a gear stick. You can change the design of the pendant and have an alternative word such as gramp, grandfather, gramps or whatever name you need. It is a fun novelty gift and even comes in a gift pouch so it is all ready for giving as a present.

This is a cotton drawstring bag with ‘Grandad’s golf balls’ and a picture of a golf ball on it. It is 100% natural cream coloured cotton with the design in blue and white. It measures 25cm x 35cm so ideal for keeping a lot of golf balls in.  It is a handy way to keep golf balls safely all in one place, but it is supplied empty so you may want to put a few in before you give it as a gift. You can also check our our golf gifts for men section if you need further ideas.

This is a great book for a grandchild to give to their grandfather. It is a Grandad v’s Grandkid puzzle book. It has 100 puzzles, crosswords and brainteasers all designed for grandad to do together with his grandchildren so they can find out who is the best. The puzzles are printed twice so they can do them at the same time and see who will be the quickest to do them. They can be cut out if required so no cheating goes on!

This is a print that can be personalised. It says on it ‘Grandad you are as smart as Ironman as strong as Hulk as fast as Superman as brave as Batman as cool as Spiderman you are my favourite superhero love [name] xx It is printed on A4 card which is 250gsm and comes with a frame which is 30.5cm x 25.4cm as well, you can choose from white or black.

This is a polished chrome lighter which has been engraved. On the base it says ‘Worlds best Grandad’ but you can change the message if you wish by notifying the seller at no extra charge. It is a star petrol lighter which has a lifetime guarantee. It has free delivery and comes in a lovely little tin. A great gift for a grandad that smokes or uses a lighter for other things.

This is a fun sign which says ‘Grandad’s garage open for business seven days a week’ with a picture of a motorbike. It is a quality metal sign with a high gloss finish which has pre-drilled holes so it can be easily hung up. Great for a workshop or garage wall especially for any grandfather that enjoys tinkering with a motorbike in his spare time. It measures 33cm x 23cm x 1cm.

This is a fun puzzle book called ‘The Ultimate Activity & Puzzle Book for Grandad’. It is a paperback book and has a big mix of puzzles such as word, logic, visual and brain teasing quizzes. It even has dot to dot and colouring pages to complete. It is printed on 8.5 x 11 inch pages so it is a good size and will not get easily lost. Solutions are at the back of the book too.

This is a great book for a Grandad that loves solving Suduko puzzles. It has 300 puzzles at different levels easy, medium and hard. It is 8.5 x 11 inches and so a good size for holding on to and the answers are at the back as well. A great gift to keep Grandad busy for a long time, whether he is a beginner or a Sudoku expert these will keep him challenged.

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