33 Retirement Presents to Impress

Updated on May 7th, 2021
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If you know anyone that is coming up to retirement then you may be looking for a gift for them. Whether you work with them, they are a friend or family member, it is nice to find them something that is original and a bit different. This is because you will probably find that they will get gifts from a lot of different people. This means that you might want to see if you can find something that is unique or different. To help with this, we have come up with a list. This should help you to see what sorts of gifts are available and hopefully, you will find something that you like or that inspires you.

33 Retirement Gift Ideas, Perfect For Friends & Family

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This is a wooden wine or champagne box which has been engraved and personalised. On it says ‘2020 vintage year. Wishing you all the best on your ……… retirement’. This is a lovely presentation gift box, which is satin lined and suitable for most sizes of bottles that are regularly shaped. It is a great accompaniment to a bottle that you are giving as a gift which will be very memorable.

This is a decoration pack for a retirement party. It has a banner which says ‘The legend has retired’ which has a black background with gold writing. To match with this there are 6 black and 6 gold latex balloons and 8 silver and gold shiny swirls so you can decorate a room or office ready for a party or celebration. It has good quality items made by the Sterling James Company.

This is a pack of wine labels. They can be stuck to any wine or other alcohol bottle to make them into a more personalised gift. There are 4 different stickers so you can choose the most appropriate or use them for four bottles. They say different things and have different designs: ‘Sip sip hooray you’re retired’, ‘retired not expired’, ‘Congrats on being a quitter! Happy retirement’ and ‘The legend has retired’.

This is a black baseball cap which has ‘The legend has retired’ printed on the front in white writing. The hat is one size and has a snap back strap which can be altered in order to fit snugly on different head sizes. The print is really good quality and the colours mean that it really stands out. The hat has a wide brim so good for shading the face and a mesh side so that it is not too hot to wear.

This is a paperback or kindle edition book called ‘101 fun things to do in retirement: an irreverent, outrageous and funny guide to life after work’ by Stella Rheingold. This is a really funny book, so great for anyone with a sense of humour or who is a bit worried about retiring and could do with a book to help them to look on the bright side of it.

This is a white mug which has a message printed on both sides. It says on it ‘officially retired from the crap’ with the words mainly in black but the word ‘retired’ in red. A great gift to give to anyone that is retiring, especially those that are not that keen on their job. Great for a work colleague or anyone else that you know is retiring from their job.

This is a canvas tote shopping bag in unbleached 100% cotton so off-white in colour. It says on it ‘Retired and loving it!’ in black on it. The bag measures 38cm x 43xm and has long handles so it can be carried over the shoulder. It is lightweight but strong and can hold an A4 folder but fold up to fit in a pocket. It comes in a gift box and has free delivery.

This is a novelty apron which says ‘The legend has retired’ on it. It is available in pink, blue, black or red and has a pocket on the front. It is 33 inches in length and 23 inches wide with a belt around the waist that can be tied to fit. It is a great gift for someone that is retiring and like cooking or is planning to take up cooking as a retirement hobby.

This is a book made by Stuart Turner which is a Haynes manual. It is a ‘Retirement Manual’ and is a paperback book in the style of the original Haynes car manuals. It has all sorts of sections on things like how to spend your leisure time, mental and physical health, changes to living arrangements and using computers. It has a lot of serious and useful facts but is mainly light-hearted.

This is a retirement survival kit. It is a linen bag which contains a selection of 17 everyday items that will be useful in retirement. There is a luggage tag attached to the bag which explains why each item will be useful in a caring and sentimental way such as ‘penny – a contribution to your retirement fund’. The bag measures 10 x 14cm and will make an unusual gift for someone you care about.

This is a silver-plated trinket box which has ‘congratulations on your retirement’. It is circular and about 70mm in diameter and 40mm high. The lid is domed. Inside it is lined with soft touch velour so it has a really luxurious feel to it. It comes in a presentation box which is lined in satin so it is a very luxurious looking gift. It would make a lovely gift to present at a party or to a well-respected colleague.

This is a retirement sash. It is a black sash with the words ‘officially retired’ written on it. It is 10cm wide and 170cm long and has Velcro on it so that it can be adjusted to make the perfect fit. Ideal for wearing to a retirement party or on a night out to celebrate a retirement. It is made from holo vinyl and satin ribbon and is suitable for men or women to wear.

This is a sentimental keyring to be given to someone that has retired. It has two pendants on it. One says ‘no one can ever fill your shoes’ and the other one says ‘enjoy retirement’ which is in a heart shape with a heart engraved under the words too. It comes in a velvet feel jewellery case which means that it is all ready to give away as a gift.

This is a bangle with two pendants on it. One is circular measuring 2cm and says ‘happiness is retirement’ on it and the other is 1cm, is heart-shaped and plain. It is all made from polished stainless steel. The bangle is adjustable too, which means that it can easily fit on any wrist and is therefore suitable for anyone. Comes in a velvet pouch so looks lovely when given as a gift.

This is a t-shirt which says on it: ‘I don’t want to… I don’t have to… You can’t make me…I’m Retired!’ It is available in charcoal, black, navy, red, Kelly green or maroon and in sizes small – XXL. It is made from 100% cotton so is super soft and is machine washable. It is a classic fit t-shirt with crew neck so styled for men but suitable for men or women.

This is a business card case in a hold colour with 50 business cards in it which are printed on light green card. On the case it says ‘retired’ and on the cards it says ‘Retired ask someone else. No business, no deadlines, mon-sun: not my problem. No phone, no email’ A fun idea for someone who is retiring and really looking forward to having some peace and quiet and not being contacted by anyone.

This is a multifunction tool. It has seven functions including a pen, ruler, bottle opener, phone stand, stylus, mini flat head and Philips screwdriver. It is available in blue, yellow, red and white and comes in a presentation box. The pen has a twist-action and comes with two refills and is really useful with all of its different functions. It comes boxed so makes a great gift to present to anyone including someone that is retiring.

This is a personalised wine glass. It says on it [name] on your retirement [date], although you can completely change the message if you wish as well. It is a standard fluted wine glass, so will be great for anyone that enjoys a drink and is retiring. You can pop it into a gift box or bag when it arrives to make it look even more special if you want it as part of a presentation.

This is a small glass clock which can be engraved with your own message. This means that it is ideal to use as a retirement gift as you can have a suitable retirement message written on it, perhaps with a name and date. The clock has a glass body with a silver-coloured clock surround and white clock face. It comes in a satin lined presentation box which means that it makes an ideal gift.

This book is called ‘Retirement the psychology of reinvention: A practical guide to planning and enjoying the retirement you’ve earned’. This guide covers all stages of the retirement process and has practical advice with infographics, self-analysis questions and insights providing a roadmap which will help you to manage change in the best way for you. Great for someone just as they are entering retirement so that they can plan what to do with themselves.

This is an apron which says on it ‘keep calm and enjoy retirement’ and is available in black, blue, red and fuchsia pink. It is made from 100% cotton and is 60cm width and 87cm in length. It has fabric ties and therefore can be easily adjusted to fit. It will be a useful gift for someone retiring and taking on a new hobby such as cooking or art and craft.

This is a diamond engraved whiskey tumbler. It says on it ‘On your retirement [name] from [name]’. You can customise it to suit the person it is for and from. It is about 10cm tall and 8cm wide and would make a great gift, particularly for someone who enjoys whiskey, although it would suit as a decorative keepsake or could be used to drink any cold beverage. It would go well with our Jack Daniels gifts. Comes with free delivery.

This is a snappable wishbone in a presentation box. On the box, it says ‘A retirement……wish for you’. The idea is that the wishbone can be snapped and a wish made. It comes with a matching gift card and envelope as well, so would make a great presentation gift as it is all ready to give away with no need to wrap, just fill in the card. An unusual gift idea.

This is a coaster which can be personalised. It says ‘Goodbye tension, hello pension’ at the top and bottom in lime green. In the middle it says ’happy retirement’ in orange and the persons name underneath in green. The background is white. It is 9cm x 9cm and made from glossy hardwood so it will last well. It comes in a presentation wallet so it is ready to give away as a gift.

This is a cushion cover which says on it ‘Happy Retirement [name] best wishers from [name]. The cushion is bright white and the writing is black so it stands out well. It is 40cm x 40cm and is made from a heavyweight material which has a matte finish. It is 50% cotton and so it has a soft feel to it.  It has a concealed zip fastener. The design is printed on one side.

This is a glass block/paperweight which can be engraved with a personal message of up to 110 characters. This means that it can have a retirement message on it. There is a hole in it which will hold a pen or pencil so it can sit nicely on a desk. It comes in a satin lined presentation box which means that it looks really nice when you present it to someone as a gift.

This is a personalised hip flask which is suitable as a retirement gift. It says on it ‘congratulations [name] with best wishes for the future from [name]’ and can be engraved with up to 40 characters. The 6oz flask is made of stainless steel and has a rugby player featured on it on a pewter disk. The screw lid is integral which means that it cannot be lost when it is removed for drinking. It has free delivery.

This is a comedy gift idea. It says on it ‘seniors money box. Pau up for instant fines for senior moments’. On the back it has a list of forgetful moments and how much money has to paid by way of a fine for each. It is a purple tin with a padlock (and set of keys) and coin slot in the top. A great joke item for someone who is feeling old and retiring. It is 14cm x 8cm x 9cm.

This is world map which has areas to scratch off. It is 84 x 59cm and shows all of the countries of the world. Each can be scratched off as it is visited as it looks gold originally and scratching it reveals more details underneath. Great for someone who is going to retire and start to travel. It comes in a gift tube, which means that it is ready to give away as a great retirement present.

This is a personalised set of garden tools. It has a handheld rake, fork and trowel and on the wooden handle, it can be engraved with [name]’s trowel. The main part of the tool is made with iron and it is therefore sturdy and durable. These can make a great retirement gift for anyone that has decided that they are going to spend a lot of time concentrating on gardening.

This is a book called ‘Retirement: The First 365 Days: Advice, Opinions, Observations’. This is a book which will teach you what to expect when you are retired which has advice to motivate, encourage and maintain happiness. It will help you have a more fulfilling retirement and offers wisdom, witticisms and words of encouragement. It has funny, wise, insightful, helpful and interesting information which will help every newly retired person.

This is a set of wrapping paper for wrapping a retirement present. It has a white background and coloured words on it, each with a different coloured letter which say ‘happy retirement’, ‘we will miss you’ and ‘good luck’ on it. The pack has one sheet of paper which measures 700 x 500mm and two gift tags in it as well. Great for wrapping up any retirement gift, for a male or female.

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