30 Presents for Rowing Enthusiasts

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If you know someone who enjoys rowing then you may like the idea of buying them rowing themed gifts. However, you may wonder where you will find these types of gifts. We have therefore provided a list of suggested items that you could consider buying and we hope that it will help you. We have a selection of different types of products so that you should be able to find the best thing for the rower that you know. We even have a range of prices too so that you should be able to find something that fits your budget.

30 Gift Ideas for Rowing Fans

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This is a short-sleeved t-shirt with a rowing theme. It has a white heartbeat pattern across the chest with a rower paddling across it. It comes in sizes suitable for children aged 2 -12 and adults with different fitting for male and females in sizes small to 3XL. There is a choice of colours between black, navy, asphalt, royal blue or purple. They are made from a cotton and polyester mix and can be washed in a machine.

This is Bum Cream made by Swerve. It is designed to keep your bum feeling better so that you do not get saddle sore. It is designed for cyclists but would also work for rowers who also have to cope with an uncomfortable seat. It helps to prevent painful chafing as it is cooling and soothing. It comes in a 150ml tube and has a pleasant smell so is suitable for men or women.

This is The Rowing Notebook which has a cool blue cover with pictures of oars on it. It is a blank lined notebook so it can be used for anything. It is designed to record workouts for practice and there is even a 20 drill at the back so that you can use it for ideas if you run out. A handy size to carry in the pocket or to go into the boat but with enough space for a whole season’s worth of information.

This is a fun mug for rowers. It is a 10oz white mug and in black it says ‘Rowing (noun) An addictive sport that takes precedence over work, family and friends’. It is hand printed on both sides in the UK and in high quality print. It is suitable for putting in a dishwasher and microwave. A fun idea for anyone that participates in rowing, especially if they get a bit fanatical about it!

L This is a door sign made by Angelic Hen. It is a plaque which says ‘Gone Rowing’ on it with water underneath the words and some oars on it. It has some holes drilled in it with a metal hanger in it so that it can be securely hung up somewhere. It is a lovely quirky gift which is unusual and handmade in the Wye Valley. It is likely to be something that they have not seen before.

This is a water bottle. It is white and says on it ‘eat. Sleep. Row’ in black writing. It has two lids one is a stopper with a carabiner on it so that it can be hung from a bag and belt. It also has a sports cap hanging from it so that the lid can be swapped for easy drinking. The bottle is made from white stainless steel and holds 400ml.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt which has a diagram of a rowing boat on it. It says on it ‘The Real Parts of the Boat’ and has a funny diagram of different things. It is available in size for men, women and children ages 2-12 years as well as small – 3XL. It comes in black, navy, asphalt, brown and olive. It is made from cotton and polyester so it is soft and suitable for machine washing.

This is a cute brown teddy bear wearing a t-shirt. The t-shirt is white and on it says ‘The greatest rower ever’. It is traditionally crafted and lovely and soft and cuddly. A teddy makes a great gift for children as well as for adults. It measures 20cm x 15cm x 8cm and is brown. The t-shirt slogan will help the recipient to know how much you feel about them.

This is a pair of cufflinks which have an oar design and an easy twist fastening. They are silver coloured and each has a design which looks like the end of an oar. They are made by Onyx Art of London and come in a branded gift box. A great gift for any man or woman that likes rowing and wears a dress shirt or any shirt that needs cuff links.

This is a set of pogies for sculling and rowing. It is a set of three hand protectors for scullers and rowings. They come in either black or navy. They are three-ply and have a soft shell. They are shower and wind resistant and have a really warm fleece lining. They cover the band and the tip of the oar so that hands can stay warm but the oars can still be gripped properly.

This is ‘Katherine Grainger: The Autobiography’. Katherine Grainger is Great Britain’s finest ever rower and has won more Olympic medals than any other Olympic rowers. The book explains about her background, where she got degrees from two Scottish universities and a PhD at a London University. The book includes her return to rowing after retirement and how, after finding a new partner she eventually won a silver medal at Rio 2016.

This is a Powerspin exerciser for strong and toned arms and shoulders. It is designed to exercise the upper body but is small, light and portable so that it can be used at home, in the office etc. It is non-impact exercise and will help build muscles, strengthen tendons and improve blood flow. It will be useful for anyone but particularly for someone doing sports that need strong arms such as rowers.

These are special gloves which can be used for sports. They are breathable and anti-slip and provide protection for the palms. They come in blue, orange and pink and are made from lycra so they are tear and crack resistant. They are weatherproof, soft and comfortable. They can be used by rowers to help them to get a really good grip but they are fingerless to provide some natural grip.

This is a special sit-up exercising piece of equipment. It is a spring with a handle and footholds so that you can easily do the exercise. It helps to build up the muscle and tone the muscles so that anyone can get stronger including those that do sports such as rowing. It is portable and lightweight so can easily be stored and transported. It measures 12.8 x 10.24 inches.

This is a batch of ten wooden gift tags which are available in large (99mm x 51mm) or medium (66mm x 34mm) size. They are 3mm thick and the wooden cost has been printed on one side with a picture of someone rowing a boat. The tags would make a lovely label to go on a gift for a rower and are quite unique and different from other tags that you might find.

This is a hat which says on it ‘Eat. Sleep. Row. Repeat.’ Which is embroidered on the turn up on the hat. It comes in a choice of navy blue, grey or black and is a beanie hat which is made from 100% acrylic. It will be a great gift as it will keep the rowers warm when they are in the boat early on cold mornings but also when they are out and about generally in cold weather.

This is a shopping bag which has ‘When the going gets tough, the tough gets rowing’ with an oar underneath it. It is available in a big range of colours so you can find one that will suit the recipient. It is made from 100% cotton and is just one size which is 42cm x 38cm in size. A great bag for carrying your rowing kit or equipment but also for carrying anything such as gym kit, books etc.

This is an exerciser for strengthening and flattening the abs. It is a very simple design and will help to make the body stronger. It is really easy to use with just a forwards and backwards option. It has all sorts of options too, so many different muscle groups will be used. It will provide intense training which will help with general fitness as well as specific sports training such as rowing, where a strong abdomen is important.

This is a special dry sack which you can use to store items that you do not want to get wet. This is great for using for any water sports and you can keep electronics, dry clothes and other items inside that need to be kept completely dry. The bag is made from waterproof PVC and designed to last for years and provide full waterproof protection. It has a handy shoulder strap which can be removed when not in use.

This is a small tin containing either ten plastic golf markers or four golf divot tools or pitch forks. There are ten in total and they are all printed with the same design as the top of the tin which is a black outline drawing of a rower. The tin is really handy to carry the items in and keep them safe from being easily lost in the bottle of a golf bag. We’ve got an entire section on golf gifts if it helps!

This is a stainless steel mug which has ‘tears of my rowers’ printed on one side of it. It has a plastic bottom, handle and lid which protect the user from heat or cold and will keep ice from melting for 24 hours and drinks warm for six hours. It has a leak-proof lid to stop drinks spilling. It fits in a car cup holder so is really useful.

This is a white mug with an option of 11oz or 15oz sizes depending on how much the recipient drinks. It has a picture of rowers on the mug in black and white. The picture is on both sides of the mug and it is specially designed for people who row in racing boats and will therefore make a really great gift for anyone that really enjoys rowing and takes part in it themselves.

This is a visor cap which is ideal for wearing for outdoor pursuits and sports to keep the sun out of the eyes such as rowing. It is available in a choice of colours such as black, pimento, burgundy, lilac, hi-viz, yellow, white, royal blue and ink navy. It has wicking so it is breathable and is made from anti-microbial fabric so perfect for use for during sports. One size with a stretch band.

This is a paperback book called ‘The Complete Guide to Indoor Rowing’. It is a book about using indoor rowing machines which is something that rowers might choose to use when it is poor weather or they may focus on just doing this. There are some indoor rowing contests now and this book concentrates on those that want to get the most of their indoor rowing training and therefore has training plans, tips, techniques and more.

This is a set of exercise resistance bands. There are five bands in the set which have different resistance levels. They are fitness tubes tension bands with handles and there is also a door anchor, ankle straps, workout guide and band guards equipment as well as a carry bag. They can be used to exercise the whole body and therefore will be good training to use for any sportsperson including those that like rowing.

This is a rowing themed hoodie. On the front, it has a picture of crossed oars on a coloured strip background which has an interesting and vintage look about it. It is available in blue or black and has a drawstring around the hood that matches the colour of the hoodie. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix so it is soft and can be washed in a machine.

This is a funny beer mug with a rowing theme. It says on it ‘You dirty little oar’. It is made of glass and is 16oz and has a great funny theme. The writing will show up even more once there is some beer inside it. A great gift for anyone that really enjoys rowing but also likes to have a few drinks and has a good sense of humour.

This is a beer mug with a funny rowing slogan on it. It says on it ‘tears of my rowers’ and has a picture of rowers on it. It is therefore great for a cox or the head of a rowing team. It is 16oz and made of glass. Great for any cox who has a great sense of humour and enjoys a glass of lager or beer every so often.

This is a survival kit. It contains all sorts of things that someone might need if they get lost out in the wilderness. It has fishing line and hooks, hinting wire, candle, sewing kit, pencil, matches etc and it is in a solid and waterproof case which will keep it all safe. Great for someone off on a river rowing trip where they will be at risk of needing this sort of equipment.

This is a Garmin heart rate monitor which works with various fitness products and is compatible with Garmin fitness products. It is a great way to monitor your heart rate when you are working out. It has an adjustable strap which fits many different body sizes and is comfortable to wear. Great for anyone that likes to track their fitness whether for leisure purposes or if they participate in sports such as rowing.

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